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Airman by Eoin Colfer
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Aug 15, 2008

it was ok
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Read in May, 2008

Conor Broekhart lives on a small island governed by King Nicholas Trudeau. Conor's days are spent with his tudor and playing with princess Isabella. But Conor's real passion is flying. All Conor's life he's dreamed of flying. He spends massive amounts of time and energy pursuing his obsession. That changes when he discovers a plot to overthrow the king and becomes tangled in the mess and branded as a traitor, being sent off to work in the diamond mines on little Saltee.

I decided to read this book because I saw that my friend had read it and given it 5 I was curious. I've read some of the artemis fowl books, but I wasn't impressed, and I thought that they were awfully violent. I really could have cared less about any new books Eoin Colfer had published, but I had read his Supernaturalist book and it wasn't too bad, so I decided to give this book a try.
In the beginning I found the storyline to be pretty interesting, I kept reading because I wanted to know what would happen at the end, but when I finally got there, I was disappointed. I really thought it was annoying how the main character, Conor kept getting stuff thrown at him - all the time. It seemed like he could never really rest because something was about to happen, which was a little tiring for me. Even though I do approve of exciting and thrilling books, I do think that there are such things as "too much excitement" and this book crossed the line.
I do know not what it is about Eoin Colfer but he always seems to include a decent amount of violence, and it really is rather unnerving. Everybody is constantly being brutally beaten up. Also, the bad guys are always BAD TO THE CORE, and Conor can usually tell what they are thinking by the look in their eyes (something I thought was unrealistic and slightly aggravating).
Conor, that's another interesting aspect; I really thought that he was just a little too perfect. He was handsome, brilliant, athletic and loved by a princess - what more could he want? To me, the author describing him as such only made me like him less, I wanted someone that I could relate to.
The reason this gets such a low rating is because I just could not bring myself to group it with the "three star" books, it just didn't seem quite up to par, while I thought it was an okay book without any language or adult content, I didn't enjoy it enough to recommend it to friends. I just don't really care for Eoin Colfer's writing style, his characters and the way they are portrayed just bugs me, but if you are a fan, you'd probably like this book.

*Taken from my book reviews blog:
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Meredith TWO?!? I demand an explaination...

Meredith Ok, so maybe it wasn't classic literature, but it was a smashing beach read sort of book. It certainly doesn't deserve this kind of two-star-yawn-rating! *meredith steps of her soap box*

Meredith let me clarify *steps off*

message 4: by Z (new)

Z So, I guess I will take it off my..."To read pile?"

Meredith no no no... I thoroughly enjoyed it. I read it right after "Anna Karenina", though & was looking for some good light reading. It's what Eoin Colfer does well--tells clean, fun YA literature w/out the unneccesary sex, language, etc. Check out MY goodreads review where I explain why I liked "Airman" so much.
(I will probably semi-understand Snorkle's dislike though. Like I said, it's not classic lit., but it's pretty decent light reading, if you ask me, didn't, so I will step off of my soapbox once more and end this parenthesis.)

Laura hahah! what? So I leave for like two seconds and come back to this many comments? What is up with that?!?

Okay, Meredith, I am in the process of writing a review for my blog, I'm getting all my thoughts down on the computer screen and hopefully I will publish it soon, as soon as you see the link in my review you can read it....
Although, the reason I gave it two stars was because it was just a little under the books I label as three stars, more like 2 1/2 stars...but they didn't have that. I did appreciate the cleanness factor of this novel though, that was an added bonus.

Z: I'd suggest you read it only if you were an Eoin Colfer fan, which, seeing as you enjoyed Artemis Fowl more then me, you might actually like this book.....I just don't care for Eoin Colfer and that is probably why I didn't enjoy this book.

message 7: by Z (new)

Z Okay, just for you, Meredith, I will read this when I get a chance. Thanks for the Anna K. thought...I have been meaning to read that is on my list.....Z

Meredith oooh! let me know when you get around to reading Anna Karenina! Warning: it takes a looong time to read--it took me a month and a half along with self deprivation from any other books to finish this mammoth. But once I finished A.K., I knew why it was a classic. Now, when will I ever get around to War & Peace?!?

Laura okay, I put both those books on my to-read list...well, Anna Karenina was already on it, but I've been meaning to read those for a while, being a classic book junkie and all.....
hahahhaah....I'd figure that it'd take a long time to read, last time I checked it was like 50,000 pages long....heheeheheh

Meredith oh my word yes! My copy had exactly 785 pages of rather small print.

Meredith 785 BIG pages

message 12: by Z (new)

Z Yeah, we've got Anna K. here somewhere in hard back... so what was your opinion of it? My sister read it and said it was great, but she also read, "The Rise and Fall of the Third Riech," and liked it......Z

message 13: by Susan (new)

Susan hmm 2 stars huh? i won't get on my soap box since I haven't read it yet. I still plan to though (work-related). However, I also know that you tend to be pretty merciless with some books - including those I like :) I am LOVING The Host by Stephanie Meyer right now...getting close to the end!!

Laura Heheheheh....I probably should have put in a disclaimer: the fact that I don't really care for Eoin Colfer's writing style, but I decided to give this book a chance because of Meredith's rating and because I liked "The Supernaturalists" I know I didn't enjoy it, but I think that people who like Eoin Colfer probably will. The host looked intriguing.....not sure if I will read it though..........

message 15: by Susan (new)

Susan I just finished The Host. It was excellent. Then again, I never know what you will like :) However, I think it has proven that Meyer is capable of more than Twilight. I don't mean that Twilight is not good, because I like that series. Just that she is an author who will probably produce other good books after the Twilight series...that she hasn't painted herself into a corner in that regard. Like Rowling is known just for HP. Make sense? I have vacation brain...

Luann Hey, I gave Airman five stars, too! I really liked it. I'm not saying I thought it was a perfect book, but when it was over I would have immediately started a sequel if there was one. I get your point about there being an awful lot of things happening to Conor one right after the other. I've rated books down for the same thing, but in this case I felt like there was a "break" in the action while he was in prison. I probably would have gone with four stars, but I really enjoyed the flying aspect of the story.

Laura Haha, it really is amazing how people can have such different reactions from reading the same book...I know a decent amount of people who really liked this book and so I was like, "man, I should give it a chance...even if I don't really care for Eoin Colfer" and so I read it...and it just didn't do anything for me. There are just some authors that I can't get into and Eoin Colfer is one of them.

Barely Breathing Banana I actually disagree with one part you said:
"I really thought he was just a little too perfect. He was handsome, briliant, athletic and loved by a princess-"
He also had the worst of luck, went through a lot at a young age, ended up in jail (also quite young) and was forced to join a gang, throw away his childhood, change his name, forget his past, watch two men he deeply loved die, be led into believing another one of his friends were dead, live away from home, live like a hermit, etc. Im actually surprised he didn't go mad in the end...I agree with one part though, Artemis Fowl was awful XD

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