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11.22.63 by Stephen King
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Jul 08, 12

bookshelves: five-star, historical-fiction, monolithic, movie-material
Read in July, 2012


I wasn't sure if I was ever going to finish this book, but am so glad I did and enjoyed it, especially the ending. I kept thinking torugh out, dont do it, but I want to now what happens if yu do. Will the world be a better place.

I enjoyed the era of pre JFK assasination USA, makes you wish you could be there, but not sure about Dallas?

I did not realise when I started this book, that it would be primarily a romance novel ... and what a romance it was. It just kept getting better and better all the way to the end.

And yes, true to any Stephen King novel, it was full of a sense of foreboding. That damn clown is always around somewhere.

Came away form this novel with a sense that I have gained something ... an appreciation of the here and now, the fragility and beauty of life ... and how 'life can turn on a dime'.
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Reading Progress

04/17/2012 page 28
4.0% "I have not read a Stephen King novel for a very long time." 3 comments
04/18/2012 page 35
5.0% "SK keeps reminding you that there are bad things to come. Wonder if I will be surprised when they happen?"
04/29/2012 page 70
9.0% "Got bakc into this, not going to finish it in time for challenge, but the questions of time travel are harassing me."
04/30/2012 page 80
11.0% "dont do it, messing with time is always fraught with trouble."
05/02/2012 page 110
15.0% "Derry sounds familiar and foreboding."
05/07/2012 page 185
25.0% "Not it revisited ... that was the scariest book ever. Was reading the exciting bit, and was interupted by no 5. son and have not got back to it ... what happens to the hammer killer?"
05/08/2012 page 215
29.0% "did he win or lose by saving the boy?"
05/09/2012 page 230
31.0% "he is not the only one with a headache ... I am getting one just thinking about the possible consequences."
05/13/2012 page 240
32.0% "Even saving the girl from paralysis does not feel right."
06/10/2012 page 250
34.0% "back again, keep getting distracted by quick fix books"
06/11/2012 page 280
38.0% "it always sounds as though there is bad things coming. the clown is always present."
06/12/2012 page 300
41.0% "why have i never heard of the actor before?"
06/17/2012 page 350
47.0% "Jimla sounds like a clown!"
06/18/2012 page 400
54.0% "message to timetravellers : dont sing to yourself, it is a giveaway!"
06/24/2012 page 440
59.0% "Derry = Dallas?"
06/28/2012 page 530
72.0% "have no idea how this will end"
07/01/2012 page 630
85.0% "only a couple of days to go, now it is too soon, it sounds like dreams I have had where I keep fallign a sleep."
07/02/2012 page 650
88.0% "Only minutes away from finding out what happens ... it feels as thugh I am wading through quicksand however and it will never happen and I am not sure if I want to know happens either."
07/03/2012 page 690
93.0% "got there but it still feels as though it isn't over yet."

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Kathryn Yay! You finished! The ending made me cry!

Dee-Ann Me too, but it was beautiful too. I could not believe it, I got to that point after 700 + pages and wanted a bit more ..

Kathryn I know what you mean! I still haven't gotten over this story. :)

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