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Fluffers, Inc. by Hank  Edwards
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This has got to be one of the most ridonkulous books I have ever read. It’ is simply without any counterpart…slapstick graphic porn…in writing. And it’s not even that bad. LMAO.

Charlie Heggensford is a farm boy from Idaho who has come to LA to make it on his own. He was fired from his first three jobs (bus boy, valet, and waiter) …and pretty soon we can guess just why that is. Now he has come to Kinitia Jones’ company 'Fluffers, Inc.' looking for a job as a fluffer since he likes to suck cock…and is pretty good at it. Too good at it apparently, since he manages to not only suck the wrong man’s cock, but also make him come…on his very first day; both very bad things for a professional fluffer. With lessons in fluffing from Ken, Kinitia’s “senior fluffer” (*snort*), Charlie starts to make a name for himself… for two things. Being a great fluffer, and being incredibly clumsy. The man he managed to make come during his very first day, Rock Harding, pops up everywhere Charlie goes…and unfortunately so does his jealous Director boyfriend who has it in for Charlie. With a steady stream of cocks in Charlie’s life things start to go well, before they inevitably go bad…will his luck turn or will he keep going down on the wrong cocks until he’s forced out of the business?

I don’t even know what to think. It’s so ridiculous and so eye-roll worthy…and yet so captivating. Charlie is an adorable man-slut who just can’t seem to resist a single member of the male species (pun intended). He’s sweet and innocent despite his whorish ways, and his streak of clumsiness and just pure dumb luck makes him a truly lovable anti-hero. There are two special men in Charlie’s life, and I’m insanely curious to find out how things will go from here.

Most of the plot is descriptive porn. They’re at adult movie sets, in bathrooms, at orgie parties, in gym showers, in cars…really wherever possible. And there’s cock by the barrels, of all ages, calibers, races and shapes…just cocks everywhere. And they all end up in Charlie’s mouth, ass, hands…whatever possible. It’s a bit much at some points, but I just kept reading through it all…it’s actually rather amusing after a while. I’m stopping myself here because I’m having an insatiable urge to write some bad puns now…and I will spare you. Lol.
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