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The Walking Dead, Book One by Robert Kirkman
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Nov 01, 11

bookshelves: 2012, graphic-novels, zombies, horror
Read from January 25 to 29, 2012

I'm struggling a bit with this. I've been enjoying the AMC show, so I thought I ought to read the source material, which has gotten a lot of good reviews, and a number of reviews citing the rampant sexism in the books, and those reviews have received a lot of "Stupid feminazi, this is just how the world works, and also Michonne kicks ass so it can't be sexist!" type of comments.

The thing is, I've read the first three hardbound volumes, and they really are awfully misogynistic. The women cook and clean and are generally pretty useless (and when one complains about that role, she is soundly put in her place), and the men protect them and gather food and supplies. It seems that, in Kirkman's eyes, this is the natural order of things that we'll revert to if the shit ever hits the fan and we're left to survive without the trappings of civilization.

And it's not just that men are stronger or have different skillsets. Depending on the group of people you have, that could very well be the case. The point at which things truly got ridiculous was when they elected a counsel of 4 people to lead them, and they were all men because the women wanted it that way. Yeah. They didn't want to have to use their ickle brains to make decisions and think, not when they could sew instead, and not even when two of the men they elected had already demonstrated some really irrational and dangerous tendencies (I'm talking Hershel and Rick, here).

I sort of want to keep reading just to see where this trainwreck is going, but I'm starting to find it way too tedious. Kirkman's dialogue, all issues of equality aside, is just not often very compelling.

The art is good, and I like that they chose to leave it black and white - it's effective here. The pacing is, interestingly, much faster than in the show. Time goes by very quickly, and they spend very little time in any one location until they reach the prison.

I honestly wish I liked these books better, but they've left a really bad taste in my mouth. Maybe I'll try picking up Book 4 in a few months, or maybe I'll just move on.

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