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Broken by Sage Whistler
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4792305 this is my first attempt at reading twincest. I am drawn to taboo and provocative subjects; maybe it's my masochistic tendencies? Who knows...I did however learn that, nnnnyeah, I'm not really into this kind of thing. It doesn't really repulse me in any way, but there's nothing enthralling about it either. Anyway, on to the book itself...

When Gabriel was 18 he came out to his parents. They threw him out, but worst of all, his twin brother Tristan stood quietly by their father's side as Gabriel was tossed out head first. Seven years later the two diverse twins are reunited for the first time. Gabriel has become a successful rock star and is touring the world with his band. Tristan on the other hand has just been bankrupted and betrayed by his business partner and now has to rely on Gabriel for a change. Both twins are anxious to meet each other again, but also afraid that their suppressed feelings will surface once they're together. Neither of them are aware of their twin's feelings but both of them feel the tension between them. What will happen when their forbidden love is unleashed?

That's pretty much the setup. Their "sinful romance" is then started, and the world around them has to remain oblivious of it. That's maybe what went wrong for me... the drama in the book is brought in from a completely different source than the expected. The twins' father dies and the awkward family reunion takes its toll on the both of them, then a psychotic ex-lover of Gabriel comes into the picture to provide some more drama. The only two people that learn or the twins' “unbrotherly” love are completely fine with it and the rest of the world remains blissfully oblivious. I would have thought that THAT drama could have been interesting; as it is now it's just a run of the mill gay-romance where the characters happen to be related by blood. There is no moral conflict, other than just the little bit of shame and guilt they characters feel as they admit their carnal feelings. I just thought it was a poorly developed plot mixed in with the controversial subject matter...meh!

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