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Drive by Daniel H. Pink
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Nov 01, 11

The basis of this book should not surprise the reader. Life IS what YOU make it. The concepts of repeated and "exciting" external motivations will only last so long. People who have the intrinsic drive to better themselves, test themselves, be themselves win in the long run. The best we can give our children is self esteem. Over the top praise and monetary gifts tend to temporarily nurse the individuals inner voice but soon falls short on individual drive. The inner want and desire to achieve is the root of success. Daniel H. Pink takes much too long to get to this point. Although his reseach is interesting, I believe those who could really benefit from this book will find it too lengthly and "scientific" to get through. That being said, here are a few tidbits to hang on your wall and refer to every morning....pg 154...Clare Booth Luce "A great man is one sentence." Abraham Lincoln "He preserved the union and freed the slaves." What is your sentence. Follow this question with a small question: Are you better today than you were yesterday? Determination is paramount to success "As anyone who's trained for a marathaon, learned a new language, or run a successful division can attest, you spend a lot more time grinding through tough tasks than you do basking in applause." pg 155 The concept of Deliberate Practice is a mantra of very successful people: "Deliberate practice is about changing your performance, setting new goals and straining yourself to reach a bit higher each time." There is the answer in a nutshell. Nobody gets better at anything if they keep doing the same thing. I also enjoy the reference of "fixed mindset" and "growth mindset"...Fixed mindset is the belief their talents and abilities are carved in stone.. Growth mindset is the belief talents and abilites can be developed. Don't hold yourself back. Life is what you make it!!

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