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Insurgent by Veronica Roth
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May 10, 12

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Read from May 08 to 10, 2012


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Reading Progress

05/09/2012 page 33
6.0% "Is it only me who thinks chopping hair short makes no type of statement...? I don't know. Veronica Roth may have meant it to be symbolic or grief-ridden, but I just thought those numerous books/movies in which the girl cuts her hair to show how much she's changed. I don't know, Tris, you kind of killed your best friend. No hair cut is going to change that."
05/10/2012 page 75
14.0% "Okay, this part seriously got me laughing so badly:
"Four!" I call out. Why am I calling out a number? Oh yes. Because that's his name.
*sigh* I like this Tris more. She's so funny :P"
05/10/2012 page 127
24.0% "Ooh, the story is getting a lot more interesting! For some reason, while I read this book, my mind subconsciously changes Tobias to Thomas. I don't know...maybe because Tobias sounds like he's a Messiah."
05/10/2012 page 153
29.0% ":( That was so sad!"
05/10/2012 page 176
34.0% "Holy Shit, Tobias, stop being such a hypocrite. And I missed you Uriah! Hmm, Tris, you should really invest in some body armor."
05/10/2012 page 340
65.0% "Okay, honestly, Tris is pissing me off. Her divergence is in no way normal, in regards to divergents. She doesn't think anything through. Neither does Tobias. They let their ignorance get the better of them. And now they are both screwed and we all know that it's Peter that's going to save them from this mess. SHAME."
05/10/2012 page 358
68.0% "Okay, I didn't expect the Caleb thing...but I did expect the Tobias thing. He's not dumb, but he's still not handling Tris."
05/10/2012 page 368
70.0% "ooh! So much more interesting! I was wondering why they kept calling the place a city. I kept wondering what was beyond the city, especially when in the first book Tris mentioned how the gates were locked from the outside."
05/10/2012 page 394
75.0% "Go Peter! I knew you were going to save them. :/ Took your sweet ass time though."
05/10/2012 page 409
78.0% "UGH! TRIS STOP DOUBTING EVERYTHING. I swear, you keep trying to make everything so bad for yourself. You can't even let people help you. I swear, being a divergent is a flaw not an asset."
05/10/2012 page 525
100.0% "OH MY GOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Okay, this is so like Maze Runner but minus the global warming turned human degenerate thing. Love it!"

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