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Dark Seeker by Taryn Browning
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So...where do I begin...mmmm

What I loved about this book:

Janie - This girl is tough! I really appreciated the fact that she wasn't one to gripe about the things she had to do, no, she actually goes out, looks around - spots a bad guy and then goes and kicks it’s ass. I love that part! There are too many heroines who don't want to face what they need to, who whine and moan when they do and are in general to weak to deal with anything that comes there way.

Kai - oh...Kai, Kai, Kai - I love everything about you, my tortured hero. From your green eyes to your scarred chest - from your motorcycle (that I really want) to your blood stained boots.

Really great world building and character development – she had me from page 1!

What I didn’t like so much:

I would have like to see a lot more regarding her Native American Heritage. I also would have liked their romance to have spent a little more time being mulled over – it seemed in one moment she wanted to kill him and in the next….not so much. (Although, I can’t really complain about that - I really wanted to see this get-together happen).

This is a fabulous first book by Taryn Browing – she out-shines and out-does and I am waiting anxiously for the next book!
Love, Love, LOVE!!

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