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Adam by Jacquelyn Frank
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Oct 31, 2011

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Adam is the long awaited conclusion to the Nightwalker series! Finally,
Jacquelyn Frank wraps up all the loose ends that have been dangling for several
years. When I first found Jacob, the original Nightwalker book, I fell madly in
love. It was such a fantastic and wonderful story full of they mythos of our history
turned on it's ear. Jacquelyn Frank had crafted this amazing world, drawing the
reader in ever deeper then one day, she stopped. Went on to another series, The
Shadowdwellers but they were connected so I just assumed that she would tie
everything together eventually. Then suddenly, another left turn and she was on
an entirely different series. I was left totally bereft. I wanted my HEA.. I wanted
to see what happened. I wanted Good to Triumph over evil and most of all, I
wanted Ruth DEAD!!
I am happy to say that Jacquelyn does not disappoint. Don't get me wrong
Adam is not for the feint of heart. The prologue alone rips the foundation of the
series at the very seams.. Jacob and Isabella in a fight against Ruth, determined
to end her at last when things go sadly awry. Skipping 10 years into the future
their beloved daughter, Leah has been left to deal with a life filled with self
recrimination and isolation. Upon hearing of the legend of Adam, an uncle she
had never once heard of before she wonders if as the child of prophecy, the
Demon of Time could she change the past?
Adam, the enforcer of the Nightwalker clan, whose entire being was created to
punish Demons who broke the rules. Those who dared to seek out humans, those
who risked the species by giving in to their basic urges. Adam, who was friend
and councilor to The King, during the vampire wars.. A noble warrior who
enforces his cultures laws.. A chance encounter with a sensual Vampire sets him
back, pulls at his sense and makes him yearn. A second encounter sets his blood
boiling but he respects what is forbidden..
Along comes Leah, in a flash in time she asks.. will you sacrifice all for your
beloved brother? Upon receiving is affirmation she whisks him 400 years into the
future. And what a future it has become. The Vampires, Lycanthropes, Mystrals,
Shadowdwellers and Demons have become allies. Jacob is the enforcer along with
his HUMAN wife.. The only constant in this new life is Adam's need to protect his
people and his attraction to Jasmine, who is now liason to the Demon King.
Jasmine, a Vampire in the constant state of ennui, awakes from her self imposed
sleep to find Adam, a Demon who is determined to destroy her people. Yet, one
meeting was enough to tempt her senses.. make her yearn for something.
Adam's disappearance for 400 years leaves her in a colorless world without ever
knowing why. His reappearance wreaks total havoc on both her sense and her
determination to destroy the ultimate evil.
While, I enjoyed their relationship and I loved seeing old friends come together
to fight and of course seeing Ruth get what was coming to her was fantastic. I felt
that this story had a lot of forced moments. I enjoyed it, I would most definitely
recommend that lovers of this series read it but I still want more. There are still
questions that need to be answered. Hopefully, Ms Frank will return to this world
with a new story arc that touches on some of these untold stories..

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message 1: by Jayded (new) - added it

Jayded I don't feel like the loose ends were wrapped up at all. Or, maybe they were but more strings were dangled. Maybe it was supposed to be obvious and just went over my head, but who the heck is the grey and black haired girl????

Shauni I think the loose ends were tied but new strings attached.. leaving us wanting a bit more.. But the basic storyline was finished.. I will admit, that I liked the book because we found out what happened to Ruth.. hated a lot of the rest.. there were an awful lot of contrived moments..

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