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The Black Hawk by Joanna Bourne
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http://youtu.be/JDxzBjDKYv0 - (I had to attach this link, I was thinking about this song almost the entire time I read this book, "For Your Eyes Only")
To say I Love This Book would be an understatement. There are no words to say how much I enjoyed this book - Adrian's story - finally!!! This is the last in the series, and I loved the first one (The Spymaster's Lady) but this one takes the cake - oh, my goodness, it is so delicious...
Adrian aka The Black Hawk has been my favorite character all along. I wasn't sure about Justine - she has many, many demons in her past - but I liked her character in The Forbidden Rose, especially her relationship with her younger sister. This story slightly overlaps TFB but is essentially the same time period: the end of the Revolution, Robespierre has been put to death, and it's a time of great change in France. Things are still French v English and there is little if any security. The time period goes from present to past to present throughout and was not difficult to follow (It spans about 25 years and I think they are both 37 at the end).

When Adrian and Justine initially meet they are both about 13 years old, working as spies for their country, both orphans, and both as tough as nails. Justine is working for the Secret Police and has knowledge of a terrible situation involving children that will be sold into slavery/prostitution. (view spoiler) Justine approaches Adrian to help get these children - called Caches - freed. While Adrian has no direct interest in this, he cannot help but involve himself. This rescue mission has integral link to story. They do not become romantically involved at this point, but see each other from time to time over the years.

Justine realized that Adrian is the only man she can and will ever trust - she decides she wants a relationship with him. Honestly, knowing all she went through, it seemed unlikely that it would be possible for her to be intimate again with a man. But with her holding all the cards, she sets out to conquer her fears. Wow, Adrian is the man! Even though they are both still very young at this point - maybe 16? - Adrian is just what she needed. (view spoiler)

'Awker. AHHH!!! Loved it when she called him that. He calls her Owl. Ms. Bourne does an amazing job making the reader feel like we're in France with the scenery and the accents. It felt very authentic.

These two make such a good couple, but with the war and being enemy spies, things take many years to resolve. Adrian loved her with such an intensity - and Justine loved him, but was more paralyzed with her fears and insecurities - that at times, I hurt for him. And her too because that must stink to know your soul mate but not be able to have him at your side.

So much goes on in this book that I didn't highlight - all I can say is - READ IT!!! It's not pure romance, though - in fact, it's probably more a murder mystery/historical fiction with a strong romance element. Loved this one so much. And now what? Is Ms. Bourne going to put out another story soon? Please, I hope so:)
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Jennifer Rereading this after finishing the Forbidden Rose this weekend - so good!

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