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My Bloody Life by Reymundo Sánchez
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Oct 30, 2011

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My Bloody Life Review
Jason Raia
It was easy to say that this book was defiantly action packed. Every chapter was loaded with violence, sex themed issues, and hard situations to be in with a reason. It showed the hard hang lifestyle that a young boy was drawn into since the day he could remember. His hole was a struggle and seemed like he was just being set up to be a gang banger. This book pretty much covered the reason why people have chosen this path for their life in this world.
It was hard for me to understand a lot of thing that they talked about in this book. I was interested in it from the start; it was a real eye opener. It think that during this book you found yourself asking yourself the same question, what would I do in this situation? We also said this lot in book club. Everybody had a different answer of what they would do. I found that my answers were a lot different than the character in the books answers, which was a good thing because it seemed like every solution he had got him into more and more trouble. Everything he did would back fire on him eventually at one point or another in the story.
There were a couple things I didn’t like about this book. One of them was the repetitive feeling you got chapter after chapter. It was like you were reading the same chapter over again sometimes, like the same bad things kept happening which I believe but in a story gets boring. This book is supposed to be a story but felt more like a documentary. The violent events that were occurring got to be almost annoying eventually and you didn’t feel that same excitement that you did in the beginning of the book. It also had a lot of character confusion, it was hard to follow who was who or who was doing what at some points.
The book had its flaws but overall was pretty well written. You did actually feel a lot of sorrow and a little bit of pity for the character but also at the same time it kind of made you mad at him for the things he would do. Excuses only went so far sometimes and then eventually you were angry towards his chosen actions. I think I really got this feeling because there are other cases of lives like his that people corrected in America and capitalized on getting out and getting a job as they worked hard to avoid what he got himself into. However I would read the next book to see what happens to his character now that he is done with the gang. It would be interesting to see what his recovery process was.

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Lupe Hernandez I agree with you about how this book is loaded with violence, and how its keep us wondering whats goin to happen. This book is more like a documentary beacuse he's pretty much talking about his life from the begining till the end of his struggle.

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