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Out of Sight, Out of Time by Ally Carter
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** spoiler alert ** I knew the book was comming out, but I didn't keep good enough track of the release date, so when I saw a girl walking through the mall with it, I literally attacked her, that's just how much I love this series. So...It's the fifth book in the series (finally!) but with every page I read, I'm sad, because I know that's one less page I get to spend discovering new things with Cammie Morgan- since the next book is slotted to be the last :(

Note: There's this thing about great series, standards and expectations. When you get to a book that doesn't satisfy you 150%, you feel disappointed, so much of this is my pity party of dwelling for the most part, so forgive me for that.

ANSWERS! Finally, in the fifth book of the series, we get some answers: why, and something that hadn't occured to me up until mentioned:why now. Being the teen-spy book as it is, getting all these answers was the highlight of the book. And finally, our mysterious spy guy Zach is out of secrets and Cammie full of them, its just that she wakes up in an alpine convent, having her memory erased over what she's done over the summer as well as all the secrets she has unconvered. Very counter-productive. I hope she'll remember tidbits of it in the book to come. And it's here we find out that not Mathew Morgan, not Mr Solomon, but Cammie has come closest to uncovering the secrets of the Circle of Cavan.

Don't get me wrong, I love the series, and own and have read each a dozen times, so I naturally hold this series up to very high standards, but while it seems that each book has gotten better and better, in chronological order, this one just didn't strike me as amazingly spectaularilly awesome, like has been my reaction to the others. I am still rating this a 5 because, ultimately, compared to so many other books I've read and even enjoyed, this deserves it by a long shot. To properly rate the others in the series would more likely be a 50 out of 5 or something like that. I don't know, maybe I'm just outgrowing the age of teen spy.
I really, really wished that it had been longer, and despite the fact that in this book we're given answers, real answers, and many answers, which, don't get me wrong- I loved that part, I still felt like there wasn't enough story.

I guess I'm dwelling because I feel like relationships really haven't developed more, Liz is Liz and Macey is Macey and well, Zach is Zach- but for the most part that's okay :D, and Rachel Morgan is Rachel Morgan, and I didn't really feel like I got to know any of them really any better, like I've gotten to know in the past books.
I was devastated when Cammie was eluding to suspecting a 'Bex and Zach' item, and, well, come on, we all know Solomon can't be finished off that easilly, especially with him surviving but just not 'waking up' after OGSY.

I liked the Dr. Steve spin on events, not to brag or anything, I am a very suspicious reader, so when I read about how Cammie pretty much attacked him without thinking, I dubbed him as a bad guy.
The turn of events with Bex was different, and I think it added to the story, and ultimately to Cammie's and Bex's friendship.

I loved how Bex reminded us just how Bexly, gutsy, and independent she can be.

While there were plenty of scenes which involved Zach, I felt like there wasn't enough Zach, like we really didn't get to know him too much better. But then again, no matter how much we'd get to know Zach, I'd still be complaining, I just can't get enough of Zach.
I still really, really hope that Mathew Morgan shows up alive, maybe he's just in some really, really deep cover somewhere, maybe they'll dig up Mathew Morgan's ashes and find out that they weren't actually his, and Cammie will spend the next book truly looking and hopefully, finding her father. I know I shouldn't even hope for it, it was pretty clearly stated that we would not get to officially get to meet Mathew Morgan, but I think adding him in the equation would be a great wrap to the series.
I wished we'd learned a bit more about SubLevel 3, or had a little bit more school time, after all, this is the Ghallagher Girls series, one of the words being Ghallagher, so I just expected a bit more school. But I can't have everything.
So overall I still really, really love this book.

I wonder where, exactly, Ally Carter will go from here. After this series is finished, and Cammie graduates from the Ghallagher Academy, I think it would be awesome to give Cammie some more time as her life as a spy, or is this too closely related with the Heist Society Series? Sigh. I'm still not ready to say goodbye.

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