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Waking Hours by Lis Wiehl
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Oct 30, 2011

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bookshelves: mystery
Read in October, 2011

The story began with Tommy Gunderson, a former pro ball player that is now a wanna-be PI, discovering an elderly lady in his backyard holding a mutilated frog and yelling at him in Latin.

I thought it was a great start to a book focusing on the brutal & bizarre murder of a teenage girl at a party. The only suspects are people who were at the party with her. They do not remember a thing about the party or the murder.

Dani Harris is a forensic psychiatrist called in to help solve the murder. She teams up with Tommy Gunderson. Together they begin to realize this murder has more to it than meets the eye. To their astonishment it seems this murder is "other worldly".

I am not the type to read a normal mystery /who done it story but this appealed to me because of the supernatural element. It was not overwhelming enough to turn off the normal mystery fan nor was it underwhelming to the fan of supernatural reads. It blended the best of both worlds into a good, solid, fast paced, tale.

The feeling I got from Dani & Tommy is one of former teenaged crush's grown up and rediscovering each other again and liking the new things they are finding. They seem a little hesitant but not uncomfortable with one another. Their past makes their relationship flow a bit more than if they were total strangers tossed together in this scary & difficult situation.

I love the town of East Salem and the author brings you there with her descriptions of it. It seems to be the place one would want to live and raise a family or settle down as an adult without children.

It would seem "odd" that such a "perfect" place would be the scene of such a terrible murder. Or would it? Using plain old good detective work, common sense, insight, and the Bible, they began to piece together what happened to Julie Leonard, the murdered teen, that night of the party & how it revealed more sinister things to come.

The books ending definitely made you turn the page looking for a continuance. It left the story off at a perfect place to be continued in the series next book.
An overall good read perfect for this time of the year.

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