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Undercover Husband by Leann Harris
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This book is loosely connected to Temporary Marriage in the sense that the hero in that one is friends with this one.

This is a back from the dead story which should have worked a lot but ended up only being average. I can't exactly say why but I didn't feel that it brought about much emotion.

Lauren is confronted with a man who claims to be her dead husband who she knows died three years ago and they have a conversation where he tells her that he is/was a spy and was injured by a traitor and stayed away because of his injuries and her safety and suddenly she may be in danger. We are told that Lauren grieved hard for his death but somehow through everything in the book I just couldn't feel it or what brought these two together in the first place.

Of course she doesn't believe him and even when he tells her things only Jon or Greg as he called him would know she tests him at every point. Then of course there is the customary safe fiancee who you know will turn out to be a toad.

I never felt that Jon loved her over the course of the book somehow, he did and said the appropriate things but somehow it was more of tell if that makes any sense.

Their reunion kind of fizzled out instead of being fiery for me.
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