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The Immortal Prince by Jennifer Fallon
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Oct 30, 2011

really liked it

I enjoyed the new(?) twist on immortality in this series by Jennifer Fallon. Most types of immortality seen now days is just the "live forever unless poisoned or physically wounded" or "live forever unless head is removed". In this series, Fallon explores the downside of a true immortality rather than just "individuals who are hard to kill" with the 'Tide Lords' being completely impervious to death in all its forms and the intense pain felt by them as they heal from their injuries. The Crasii were an interesting addition to this book and their origins even more so. The sexual tension between Cayal and Arkady is a rather obvious trick as is the best friend, Declan, also competing for Arkady's affections. Arkady's husband however is something I have not seen done before.

The only trouble I had with this book is the constant reference to past experiences by the characters that left me thinking "is there a previous book?"

All in all, a well written and enjoyable read.

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