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End of Days by Thomas E. Sniegoski
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Jan 04, 2013

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Read from December 29 to 31, 2012

3.5 Stars. There were some things I really liked. He didn't try to simplify the teen relationships too much, nobody is too perfect. Although he did get into the dreaded triangle territory a bit. But it felt like normal growing pains, and not that "fated" love so they don't have real emotions that are relatable beyond the fantasy level.

I liked that we got answers about why the Powers were so obsessed with hating the Nephilim. I've read a number of books where the Heavenly angels have gone bad (as opposed to fallen angels/demons) but usually it's just because they don't like God having chosen people over them or because they're too rigid and distant to understand Earthly values, this is the first time I've seen an actual good reason for it. Well, not "good."

I didn't love everything. I really loved Gabriel in the previous books and I didn't connect to him as much in this one, I didn't get his warmth or humor as much. But maybe that was because Sniegoski set the bar so high himself in his Remy Chandler series which I've read in between. Remy's dog Marlowe is a regular dog that can speak only to Remy because he's an angel; he isn't any more wise or perceptive than normal dogs so maybe he reminds me more of my dogs in his affectionate and food-obsessed ways. Or maybe Gabriel just wasn't in this as much now that Aaron has a lot more on his agenda.

I also wasn't too keen on some of the violence. I can't remember the first four books (2 books now that they've been combined) very well, but I didn't understand the rationale for the daily missions the Nephilim were taking on at the beginning of the book. Defending people who need it is one thing, but following that by attacking seems a little much, at least in the case of those trolls. There seemed to be an assumption that all monsters have to be exterminated that I missed, that they weren't created by God and don't deserve to live, and that it was worth risking the lives of the few remaining Nephilim no matter what the odds were against them, even if the victims were long since rescued. I just didn't quite get that whole scene.

I guess I'm just hoping that in the end the answer to every confrontation isn't to have a big battle, I hope that wits, compassion and morality play some role in the story that's fundamentally about the role of God in our world. It should be more than might makes right even if the side that wins is the side of, well, half-angels. So, well see what the author has in store for us. There are 2 more long books yet to come, sure to be stuffed full of fast-passed stories that will surprise and satisfy me.

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