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SWAT Team One and the Social Worker by Dixie Lynn Dwyer
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Oct 30, 2011

did not like it
bookshelves: 2011, bless-her-heart, committed-menage
Read from October 29 to 30, 2011

I have to do this as a list.

1. Typos and grammatical errors galore.

2. There was "sloshing." Every time the heroine had an orgasm, sloshing echoed through the room. Why was she sloshing?! That can't be healthy.

3. They have sex in wolf form. I don't think the neighbor's dogs having sex is hot and I feel the same way about this. But that wasn't the most disturbing part...

4. After the heroine had unprotected sex with three of the brothers, the fourth brother preformed oral sex on her.

5. I think there may have been a plot but I'm not sure.
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17.0% ""You're a subordinate who needs to learn to accept her fate." Uh, no. Just no, Mr. Douchebag Hero."
26.0% "Holy magical hooha! There are 2 more military/cop/shifter types who want Sam, too."
34.0% "Sloshing? Her pink parts make a SLOSHING noise? That can't be healthy."
40.0% "Anal without any lube. O_o And 2 more "sloshings.""
69.0% "I should understand the plot by now but I'm still confused. Microchips, secret princess, blah, blah. And the heroine is like a fury Anita Blake. Every male that meets her wants her."
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message 1: by mad4rombks (new)

mad4rombks Did you finish it?

Lillie Yes, I did. Now I'm going to crawl into my comfort read pile and never come out.

message 3: by mad4rombks (new)

mad4rombks *pets* Poor Lillie. Stop the madness now. Don't listen to GR, you silly twit. lol

Lillie I really should know better by now.

message 5: by Jessica (new)

Jessica ... wow, #1 made me kinda puke in my mouth a little and #3? I think I might projectile vomit, cause seriously, that is really not awesome, like you said... I wouldn't want to watch dogs do at it let alone read about dogs mating. I mean, maybe it it was some ritualistic awesome honorable, idk, and it was the BEST awesomest writer on earth but let's face it, we didn't get that with this, did we? LOL

Vedanta I read your review before I read this book and after reading it I must say you were SOOOO right. what's with all the sloshing? I thought it would've been mentioned only once but it kept popping up right through the book and I must say it was quite disturbing.

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