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First You Fall by Scott  Sherman
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Dec 24, 2011

it was amazing

I just read this again, and I totally loved it...again. I must admit to a fondness for stories with hustlers/rent boys who enjoy their work, and aren't all "save me from this life of shame". Kevin is adorable (no, really, he describes himself from head to toe, and as he says, you have to know your merchandise) and the supporting characters are complex, funny and endearing. Even Tony, his on-again, off-again old flame, who sometimes makes me want to smack him a good one, is full of surprises.

Kevin isn't some 'hooker with a heart of gold' character; he's funny and snarky and realistic about earning money, and really cares about his regular clients. They have some rather quirky fetishes, and he's sweet about not judging people about what gets them off. He has a hard time figuring out how he feels about his close friends, and it seems like he mixes up friendship and sexual attraction, both in the sense that he confuses AND combines them with everyone except Allen Harrington. Allen seems to be one of the few relationships that Kevin has had where he kept the two separate, and was strictly friends with the older man.

The mystery part of the story, the 'solving the puzzle of Allen's death', is well done and keeps getting more interesting as the story progresses. The ending is a surprise - all the evidence seems to point to one conclusion, but the real killer isn't hinted at until the reveal at the end.

This book made me NUTS the first time I read it - I kept looking for the sequel, but there was nothing! And not much information about when/if it might come out...but Scott Sherman DID keep the promise he made on the last page of this book, and now I'm going to go and read "Second You Sin". Hooray!
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