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Sep 06, 2012

(Review from the author)
it was amazing

THE GAIA WARS is a fast-paced wilderness adventure with fantasy and sci-fi elements. One reader described it as "Last of the Mohicans meets The Twilight Zone." I wrote The Gaia Wars for my son, Eli, when he was eleven, and have been thrilled with the feedback I've received from kids and parents alike since the book's release. The Second Book of The Gaia Wars, BATTLE FOR CASCADIA, was published in November, 2011.

Both THE GAIA WARS and BATTLE FOR CASCADIA have appeared on Amazon's list of "Top 100 Bestselling Children's Action & Adventure Books" multiple times, and the series was just optioned for film by Identity Films, Hollywood. Read the full article in VARIETY at

A note on the inspiration for The Gaia Wars:

There's a theory called The Gaia Hypothesis. It was proposed by NASA scientist James Lovelock and says that "all organisms and their inorganic surroundings on Earth make up a single, self-regulating entity." In other words, the Earth itself is a living thing. A vast, “super-organism.”

I love this idea. When I first heard it I wondered how it might be woven into a novel. In my imagination, I took the Gaia Hypothesis one step further. What if Gaia (the Earth) is not simply alive, but also sentient? It occurred to me that a lot of so-called primitive cultures believed this very thing. Understood it in their bones.

I worked on the idea. Started making notes. Then I was backpacking with my son, Eli. After a few days in the wilderness (feeling more connected to the Earth, perhaps) I started to tell him the story of The Gaia Wars. We're both huge fans of The Adventures of Tintin, The Golden Compass, The Hobbit, and similar stories, and my goal was to create a fantasy/sci-fi/adventure story rooted in the wilderness and the Gaia concept that would keep Eli on the edge of his seat and capture the page-turning energy we both love in those amazing books.

I hope you'll give The Gaia Wars a look and let me know what you think!

Warmest wishes,

Kenneth G. Bennett
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David Rosen I'm very disappointed to see the author "review" their own book and to give it 5-stars no less. This simply waters down the reviews and makes them even less credible than they already are.

Joanne Moudy Wow, I love the author's full review and thank him for sharing a little about where he got his idea & inspiration. That just made the book a whole lot more personal!! Can't wait to read other stories you might have told your son........!!

Randy Nargi I agree with Joanne. I like hearing from the author about their inspirations. This isn't really a review of his own work. It's more of an author commentary.

BTW, this novel reads like a movie, so I wasn't surprised when I read that a Hollywood studio optioned it (see the author's updated notes and link to the Variety article, above). Very cool. Can't wait to read the third book in the series (and see the movie!)

message 4: by Terri Lynn (new) - added it

Terri Lynn If the author gave his book less than 5 stars, I wouldn't read it. I mean, if the author doesn't feel he has offered his very best, why should I? I very much appreciate seeing a bit of the background and inspiration for the story.

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