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Little Girl Lost by Richard Aleas
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Oct 29, 2011

really liked it
bookshelves: hard-case, mystery
Read from October 28 to 29, 2011

Little Girl Lost was a lot better than I expected. Very good actually, maybe a 4.678912 stars good, or maybe just a 4.678347, one of those two numbers is how good this book was, but since it's not a 5.00 or even a 4.9734567966345 or higher I can't give it five stars, not in good faith at least. I take my reviewing very seriously, as serious as a heart-attack on the ROCKS !!!!!

What the fuck am I talking about? This is a good book, that's what the fuck I'm talking about, and I'm reviewing this while standing up, most of my reviews are written while sitting down, so this one is fucking extreme. In your face. Acknowledge.

What is this book about? A dude wakes up to see that his then high school girlfriend / now estranged stripper has taken two to the back of the head, execution style. He gets weepy eyed and wants to find out a) who offed the girl who took his virginity underneath a dirty model of a bird and b) to find out how his lovey dovey high school sweetheart went from going to school to be an eye doctor to becoming a stripper that would have her eyes blown out of the front of her head a point blank 9mm bullet. Then some stuff happens and there is a resolution.

Once again, awesome book report, Greg!!! High five!!!

My one problem with the book? I do have a problem with the book, and it's a real nitpicking one. When you are taking a train back from the Bronx, there is no train you could be taking that would come to the end of the line at a station called Eighth Ave and that would connect to the A, C and E. The only train that comes to the end of the line in such a place is the L Train, and it only runs to Brooklyn. Gawd! I was able to overlook this little detail and still enjoy the book, but I wasn't able to overlook it enough not to write about it here. But, I'm only pointing this out to show how good the book was that I didn't let myself get hung up on this small detail.

Great job, Greg!!
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karen i see your high five!

Greg i smack you!

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karen greg is the meanest person ever

message 4: by Richard (new)

Richard G i say more standing let the inner beast out!

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Natalie karen wrote: "greg is the meanest person ever"

So true

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karen that's why he can't even get votes in the double digits. people are afraid of him

Greg Ha! Less than fifteen minutes after you said that I got up to 10, you suck, Brissette!!!

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karen now you are playing with the big boys!


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Michelle karen wrote: "now you are playing with the big boys!


I saw your comment on my feed and had to come over here to Ha ha ha. Hahaha!

(Sorry, Greg.)

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