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The Hunter by Theresa Meyers
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Oct 29, 2011

really liked it
bookshelves: steampunk, paranormal-romance, demons
Read on October 29, 2011

With his brothers - Winchester and Remington - out of the family demon hunting business, Colt's job just keeps on getting busier, until he finally decides that it is time to track down the legendary book on Hunter lore which holds the 'key' to locking the gate to the demon realm once and for all. The only catch is that the book is in three pieces, and that it takes a demon to get to the piece of the book that Colt's father hid away.

So first step? Summon a demon. But when he does, Colt ends up not with a horned and hooved abomination, but a devastatingly beautiful succubus named Lilly instead. Colt strikes a bargain for Lilly's help and seals the deal with a kiss, but working with the enticing Lilly is complicated and that's even without taking into account that Colt doesn't know that Lilly has her own agenda - and time will tell whether Lilly decides to take a chance that Colt can help her regain her lost humanity or whether she fulfills her mission and takes the piece of the book - and Colt's soul too - back to her master in hell.

The Hunter, Theresa Meyers The Legend Chronicles series starter, is promising mix - steampunk, the Old West, paranormal, and romance. I liked The Hunter, but I really wanted to love it. Great inventions, airships and Colts mechanical horse, Tempus, work to give it that steampunk feel. And early on there are flashes of what could have kicked the story up that notch to 'I love it' in some action sequences where Lilly and Colt are working together and fighting their way at the edge of hell to Colt's target, and in Colt's interactions with one of his Brothers, I would have liked to have seen just a bit more of that dynamic too.

My nits with the story were that in the first half Colt and Lilly feel thin characterwise - which is wierd and I can't put my finger on exactly why I felt that way, since there is a decent amount of backstory for the pair. It might be that there was a bit of 'telling' versus 'showing', like where Colt tells us he's a charming ladies man.

I also had a nit with Lilly. I may have missed something but Lilly, as a succubus who had been good at her job of stealing men's souls and who was a con artist in her human days felt inconsistent to me. Lilly starts out being fairly saucy and capable and she has demon powers that she uses in the beginning of the story, but then for some reason she becomes very vulnerable, concerned about being demure, and damsel in distress-y as the story goes on. If this had felt that this was intentional - perhaps a ploy to get Colt feeling protective in order to win his trust and then changed once she decided that she was falling for Colt - I'd have been happier.

But I have to say that the story did pick up in the last third with some Indiana Jones type action, and also I starting 'feeling' Colt and Lilly, and their relationship finally seemed to gel. So with that and the decent presence of steampunk elements, I did end up liking The Hunter, and I think that most of my nits might have been due to typical first book in a series kinks, so I still have high hopes for both of the brothers books - and we've already met the women (a vampire and a shapeshifter) that are going to 'help' them on the quests for the other two pieces of the 'book'. Winchester's The Slayer is up next in April 2012, with Remington's The Chosen out in December 2012.
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10/29/2011 page 208
59.0% "I want to love this. Some old west steampunk great elements & flashes of what story could be in some action sequences & in H's interaction with one of his bros. the h/H feel thin even with a decent amount of backstory & the succubus former conartist h is inconsistent - if it felt intentional, I'd be happier"

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Grammy 1 let me know what you think

Melindeeloo Grammy wrote: "let me know what you think"

will do :)

Melindeeloo I liked this and there is real potential for the future, great elements, good first book in a series effort. Fingers crossed for the next one.

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