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Oct 29, 11

it was amazing
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Read on October 17, 2011 — I own a copy

October 16, 2011
3rd Tagalog pocketbook.

I don’t know about other readers who have read this but this book affected me big time. As I’ve said before, very few books could elicit strong feelings from me, some I felt amused either because the story is humorous or so pathetic that it’s funny why someone even published it, but this pocketbook (no less) had given me a eureka-feeling.

Do you know of a time in your life that you’ve been affected by what a certain person said or did that you seriously contemplated to change yourself physically and mentally? I can. Believe me, if you experienced one of those moments, it’s very hard to forget, like a life changing event (with pun intended). Lalo na if you can’t stop their words to get into your head.

Okay, so alam naman ng mga Pinoy ang tingin ng iba sa pocketbooks (including me, but I’m beginning to really appreciate this kind of books lalo na pagkabasa ko nito), na cheesy, corny, at certainly baduy dahil sa dalwawang dahilan: una, malalalim ang mga Tagalog na salita, pangalawa, cheesy lines talaga. Yun bang you would never let yourself be caught dead uttering those lines. But I’d like to dare those Pinoy bookworms to give this book a chance and I would put my integrity pa that you would like this. (I’ve never said those words before in any of my review!)

Why am I so confident about this? Let me tell you first how I came up with this book. Last week, I posted a review about Gypsy Esguerra’s work, Rob’s Starter Marriage, and a friend dared me to read the other three books in her series so I bought the other two ones, bibilin ko rin yung isa kaso walang copy ung Booksale so I looked for another book to buy as I originally planned to buy three books, then I saw an author named Faye (kapangalan ko e!). Intrigued, kinuha ko yung libro and started reading the synopsis sa likod, wala pang second paragraph akong nabasa ay binayaran ko na sa cashier yung book. Coincidence? Let me tell you one more thing.

Alam mo ba yung feeling na may isang tao na you trusted so much na you didn’t realized na you also gave him/her the ability to crush you in just a few words, in just a sentence? I felt that Katherine, the heroine in this story felt the betrayal of Ronald, her ex, did to her. So she decided to change herself. She promised that no other guy would ever tell her that she’s not desirable and that she’s ugly; na nakalimutan na niya i-appreciate kung sino talaga yung Katherine na appreciative sa kahit simpleng bagay lang, na nakangiti kahit na sa most difficult trials. That’s where Caleb came in. (This is also the point that I’ll end the spoiler. Haha. Sorry!)

Kung minsan, sa buhay natin, di natin mapigilan magpaapekto sa mga sinasabi ng iba. Kung minsan yung mga sinasabi pa nila ang nakakapagpabago sa tin. We would want to be stronger, fiercer so that the next time they see us, we can say that they were wrong in their judgement. Along the way, on the process of changing, there are times na nawawala yung part ng sarili mo that others admire, yung part that makes you unique because you wanted to fit in a certain stereotype. If someone says you are a geek, some part of you wanted to change into a person that the society thinks acceptable. Hindi naman maiiwasan yun at times, minsan the subconscious mind is at work na di mo rin mamamalayan na nagbago ka na. So what’s the catch? The problem would be losing a part of you that’s vital to your personality as an individual. I wouldn’t dare make an advice kasi di ko rin alam how to react at times like that.

Anyway, kung tutuusin, tama yung author dito sa sinabi niya sa note niya. Caleb is a perfect guy, so ideal that I wonder if he exists in the real world. Kasi promise, kahit ako hahabulin ko siya. Haha! Kahit na I never had any experience sa pagda-moves like jagger to any guy. (I borrowed the expression sa binabasa ko sa Wattpad na Despicable guy, oh, may endorsement pa!)

You must be wondering kung ano yung eureka-feeling ko. I realized that this review is becoming too personal and opinionated. Haha! Well, hindi lang yun yung narealized ko, joke lang yun. I realized na there are people that will come to your life na pagkakatiwalaan mo, eventually you will trust a piece of yourself to them unless sobrang apathetic ka; there are also times that they would hurt you either intentionally or unintentionally with either their actions or words, they might judge or reject you at a point in time that you would be so crushed that you would want to reinvent yourself into something your not to avoid another heartache and a helluva pain.

The point I wanted to make? Well hindi mo maiiwasan yon, promise! Hehe. Seriously, totoo naman, unless nga na you became so aloof to others na wala ka ng kaibigan or if you live like a hermit. I think it’s a way to grow up din, kasi it’s up to you kung maaapektuhan ka ng mga sinasabi sa iyo. If oo, then change it. But never ever let it make you change into a different personality that even you wouldn’t be able to see who you are in front of a mirror. Also, be sure muna kung totoo! Like what we did in our psychiatric duty, self-awareness ka muna. (So, in short, case to case basis at in depends on the situation ang magiging solution mo). Okay, I’d like to point out na I’m not going Dr. Phil on those who will unfortunately read this, like I said, it’s still my eureka-feeling.

For a long time, I’ve let others dictate who I should be, or I am not na there came a time na sobrang baba ng self-image ko at confidence until I realized that a lot of people would criticize me and at least 90% of them aren’t constructive. It depends on me on how to be affected. Like the saying goes nga, you are the one who should be in control with your life. When you realized that feeling, nakakaoverwhelm, minsan kasi, years can go by bago yun mangyari na parang masasabi mo, “oo nga noh? Bakit ba ko magpapaapekto sa iba if alam ko naman na hindi ako yun?” Then, why the hell should you care? Di ba?

I knew I said a lot of things na parang walang connect sa review ko and you must be wondering where the hell is the actual review here. Kung nakabasa ka na ng ibang review ko, very seldom akong mag-book summary. Mostly kung ano yung naramdaman ko habang binabasa or after ko mabasa yung book ang sinusulat ko. So sorry if I disappointed you but it’s just how I review books and frankly, I would not want to change that unless for the better.

BTW, this is the first Taglish review I made. I just felt that it’s appropriate since Tagalog naman yung book. Rationalization, I know. Haha! At, ngayon lang ulit ako gumawa ng ganitong kahabang review! Sabi sa inyo naapektuhan ako. :P
Edited: Oct. 17.-Guess, its too personal before so I had to do major editing. :D
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Faye thanks @Kwesi. Musta Christmas at New Year? :)

Kwesi 章英狮 Still the same, nothing changed. Haha.

Faye haha, ah ganun, ako man e. Meron pala, mas busy lang sa community duty. Mababait classmates ko, ako ginawang team leader ng section namin, puro pahirap. haha!

Kwesi 章英狮 Good for you. Me, I lost most of my friends and now I'm alone with my books. At least I'm still busy watching movies and writing ugly romance novel. Haha.

message 5: by Apokripos (new)

Apokripos Kwesi 章英狮 wrote: "Good for you. Me, I lost most of my friends and now I'm alone with my books. At least I'm still busy watching movies and writing ugly romance novel. Haha."

Ang drama ni Kwesi.

Hi Faye! Pwedeng makipagkilala? Ahaha! :D

Kwesi 章英狮 Whatever Jzhun! Haha.

Faye jzhunagev wrote: "Kwesi 章英狮 wrote: "Good for you. Me, I lost most of my friends and now I'm alone with my books. At least I'm still busy watching movies and writing ugly romance novel. Haha."

Ang drama ni Kwesi.


haha, Hi din Jzhunagev (nahirapan ako ispell ang name mo, hehe). ok lang naman. Nakikita ko na name mo before sa Filipino group and kay Kwesi. :)

@Kwesi: Ang sad ng life mo kuya ha. haha!

Kwesi 章英狮 Kuya ka ng kuya ha! Haha. Bata pa po ako ate.

message 9: by Apokripos (new)

Apokripos Hi Faye! :D

message 10: by Kwesi 章英狮 (new)

Kwesi 章英狮 Ayan na naman! Haha.

message 11: by Faye (new) - rated it 5 stars

Faye @Kwesi: haha, oo nga pala noh...kuya?? haha! Anong ayan na naman?

@Jzhunagev: Hi din, what's with the heart-eyes thingy?? Ang creepy. haha!

message 12: by Kwesi 章英狮 (new)

Kwesi 章英狮 I mean, Jzhun's gif pics! Haha. And I agree to what you said about creepiness!

message 13: by Apokripos (new)

Apokripos Generally, I'm a creepy guy. That's why..
Haha! :D

message 14: by Faye (last edited Jan 22, 2012 06:26PM) (new) - rated it 5 stars

Faye haha, natatawa ko, parang prehong pareho kaya ni Kwesi sa kulitan. :)

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