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Amusing Ourselves to Death by Neil Postman
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Jun 05, 08

Read in June, 2008

Written a quarter of a century ago, and nothing's really changed - well, it got all more extreme of course, but people are even less aware and uncaring, and in fact all I heard about this book was criticism (well, duh, talking about media is part of it all). I have yet to properly read the two (then)SciFi classics he uses for his pithy introduction, and I'm just a few pages into this one, too, but obvious(ly true) critiques like this never get anywhere. Like Naomi Wolf's book about beauty. Frustrating for me, and leaving the ones that would need to be persuaded nicely chilled. If I manage to read (and part with it), I'll try to hack just a few quotes/truisims out of the whole thisisjustfact thing. And now I'll stop before I start a thesis on school children of today incapable of even being interested.

ETA: even his seemingly religious/Christian self did not hamper Postman; he anticipates and disarms criticism by pointing out he's aware of changes, natural and unstopable, and aims at raising awareness. I fear that never happened, this book being on the curriculum of the very studies Postman never wanted to have seen; but it's also a good introduction to how the medium always changes the message.


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