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Vision in White by Nora Roberts
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Oct 28, 2011

really liked it
bookshelves: bizarre, make-you-put-a-gun-in-your-mouth
Recommended to Kristen by: Blake
Recommended for: Fans of BDSM and Militia Members
Read in October, 2010 , read count: 14

My first foray into chick lit and frankly I am shocked! This stream of consciousness narrative, reminiscent of Naked Lunch, but with far more heroin and pubic hair references, was much too graphic even for my taste! Vision in White is the gripping story of a prostitute who sells herself into a snuff film in a desperate attempt to get bail money for her Meth addict son before the police connect him to a string of child rapes. While the story starts out strong, unfortunalty it slowly deteriorates into incoherent 9/11 conspiracy theories and hate filled anti-Obama rants. (He released his birth certificate Roberts, get over it!) The rampant anti-semitism was disturbing and the overuse of footnotes (150+ pages) was just too much even for a DFW fan. The proletariat who spend their hard earned 'buy two get the third free' amazon credit on this garbage will find the only heat was the heat of embarrassment, which sadly won't keep them from freezing their dockers comfort cargo clad cans in front of their computers all night reading tea party fanfic porn.
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Kristen I expected the dozens of graphic depictions of sodomy, it is a romance novel after all, but the anti semitism and birther rants where a surprise.

message 2: by Blake (last edited Oct 31, 2011 11:11PM) (new)

Blake Her repeated use of the phrase "dirty Jew" was supposed to be a critique of antisemitism. And the Obama stuff, while seeming simple-minded, was actually a sharp criticism of his trade policies and economic credentials. By claiming that he was born elsewhere, she was criticising the Frankfurt school of economics.

Kristen In my limited experience all Nora Roberts novels are thinly veiled diatribes on economic theory.

message 4: by Paquita Maria (new)

Paquita Maria Sanchez I'm going to flag this (anti)review for being too awesome. And seriously, where are the trolls? Do they hibernate or something?

Kristen I told Mariel if she wrote a James Patterson review, then I'd write a Nora Roberts review.

Kristen Turtles that look like penises, Good Times!!

message 7: by Paquita Maria (new)

Paquita Maria Sanchez By the way, AAAAASSSSSHOLE, the review spoiler button is there for a fucking reason. And I was SO looking forward to this Roberts...

Kristen How crass of me. I promise I will keep that in mind when reviewing volumes 2 through 4. The thought that I may have taken away from your Nora Roberts experience fills me with guilt and regret.

message 9: by Paquita Maria (new)

Paquita Maria Sanchez Kristen wrote: "Nora Roberts...fills me with guilt and regret."

message 10: by Paquita Maria (new)

Paquita Maria Sanchez I vote for comments 8, 12, 14, and 16 combined and/or individually as being better than anything anyone else has ever said (on goodreads or otherwise).

message 11: by Paquita Maria (new)

Paquita Maria Sanchez ¡Shan comes in swingin'!

message 12: by Blake (new)

Blake Number 5 has a Woolfian air and a despotic charm reminiscent of the early Shelley.

message 13: by Paquita Maria (new)

Paquita Maria Sanchez Comment 10's imagery is arresting in a way not dissimilar to some of the finer moments of Picasso's Blue Period.

message 14: by Paquita Maria (new)

Paquita Maria Sanchez 21 has an Oriental quality to almost Samurai-like veneration of the qualities of succinctness and humble reserve.

message 15: by Paquita Maria (new)

Paquita Maria Sanchez Amerinadian!

message 16: by Kristen (last edited Nov 01, 2011 02:31PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Kristen Just to be clear, I'm only interested in 'turtles that look like genitalia', but certainly not 'turtle genitalia'.

(Jesus, this new guy is some sort of fucking weirdo.)

message 17: by Paquita Maria (new)

Paquita Maria Sanchez You sound a bit touchy about this issue,'s really okay if you like toitles!

Huhhuh, check it out! Twins, dude! HAWTNESS.

message 18: by Kristen (last edited Nov 01, 2011 03:00PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Kristen Mariel wrote: "I'm sure that turtle doesn't have any genitalia."

He's a dick that look like a turtle, that's something else entirely!

message 19: by Paquita Maria (new)

Paquita Maria Sanchez Where did all their necks go?

message 20: by Paquita Maria (new)

Paquita Maria Sanchez I have some ugly imagery in my head right now.

message 21: by Kristen (last edited Nov 01, 2011 03:03PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Kristen FYI: turtles actually keep their junk inside of their shell until they need it. Sometimes it might fall out but the vet can poke it back it.

message 22: by Paquita Maria (new)

Paquita Maria Sanchez Sounds like an awesome party trick.

message 24: by Paquita Maria (new)

Paquita Maria Sanchez Dude in message 41 is all like "kowabunga, duuude!"

Kristen Why does every one of my book discussion eventually turn to photos of animals fornicating?

Not that I'm complaining . . .

Kristen Another fun turtle fact: the only times turtles ever make a sound is during mating.
Watch with sound on!

(I picked this one because it had "hardcore" in the title)

message 27: by Miriam (new)

Miriam Hmm... that's not quite what I thought "to be at loggerheads with" someone meant...

message 28: by Miriam (new)

Miriam Oh, it must refer to the tool consisting of a long handle with a bulbous end -- wait. No. That's not it either.

message 29: by Mariel (new)

Mariel Which part of the turtles?

message 30: by Mariel (new)

Mariel And those loggerheads.

Shari you obviously didn't read this book. you are waaaay off base.

message 32: by Paquita Maria (new)

Paquita Maria Sanchez Oh, here we go! I'm rubbing my hands together in excitement/anticipation! I am nuking a bag of popcorn! Kristen, where are you? The troll in this fairy tale has at long last arrived!

message 33: by Paquita Maria (new)

Paquita Maria Sanchez Come on, Detroit! Show me your best Motor City Sass!

message 34: by Paquita Maria (new)

Paquita Maria Sanchez No, the dispute here concerns the comparison drawn between Wallace and Roberts; it's quite simply dastardly to talk about her in reference to her lesser peers like that, to lower her so, to dare... I mean, the nerve! Hmph!

message 35: by Paquita Maria (new)

Paquita Maria Sanchez Yeah, Detroit's a real bitch like that.

message 36: by Paquita Maria (new)

Paquita Maria Sanchez Shan wrote: ""

"a video i made of nara roberts book"

message 37: by Paquita Maria (new)

Paquita Maria Sanchez I just can't believe Kristen has read this 14 times and she still doesn't get it.

message 38: by Paquita Maria (new)

Paquita Maria Sanchez Even before I saw that video, I had only read it none times and I got it! Granted, I do like to fancy myself a close reader.

message 39: by Paquita Maria (new)

Paquita Maria Sanchez When I see your names together like that all I can think is "Shan Shannony, Shan Shannony, Shan Shan, Shariiiiiii."

message 40: by Paquita Maria (new)

Paquita Maria Sanchez I'm betting Mary Poppins reads Nora Roberts, just to be fair. Oops! I mean "Nara."

message 41: by Paquita Maria (new)

Paquita Maria Sanchez Yeah, I just love the way she

message 42: by Paquita Maria (new)

Paquita Maria Sanchez It's arguably evocative of

message 43: by Paquita Maria (new)

Paquita Maria Sanchez They're so deep you have to read them with a shovel. So in a sense, reading Nora Roberts is reminiscent of being being buried alive.

message 44: by Kristen (last edited Dec 08, 2011 10:28PM) (new) - rated it 4 stars

Kristen Anyone who knows anything knows that I am Nora Roberts number one fan, so my reading is far more nuanced than Sharie's, she can hardly be blamed for that, especially considering Roberts nonlinear narrative is meant to disorient the reader, forcing one to examine our expectations of literature. And if Chari missed the ugly Obama rants I'd guess it's because they were mostly confined to the footnotes, where sadly they were pervasive. If you have any doubts of Roberts' Birther sympathies I'll refer you to endnote 42d on page 742 of the text:

"We, the American people, are not the enemy here, we are not the guilty party. The media should stop blaming the victim. Remember: conservatives are not responsible for the birth certificate issue at all. Obama is, by refusing to this day to release the vault copy — whether because it contains something damaging or simply because it enables him to wield the weapon of ridicule against the right. At this point, the effect is the same regardless of which of those possibilities is true. This carnival of conspiracy has become a deliberate distraction from the real issues and the real destruction being wrought by the Obama administration. The longer the Obama camp lets this issue fester and grow, the more it divides the country. What a nasty game to play on the electorate that put him in office. Are the American people so contemptible as to be deserving of such treatment? Has the focus on the birth certificate taken our eye off the ball on questions pertaining to the source of his funding for Harvard (i.e., foreign aid, foreign student loan applications) and the passport on which he traveled to Pakistan in 1981? Let’s just say hypothetically that Obama satisfied the birth certificate questions and the American people wanted info on his Pakistan trip — i.e., what passport he traveled, on or the source of funding for his Harvard education, his ties to Khalid al-Mansour, etc."

Ugly stuff indeed, I hope this Sherry doesn't support this sentiment.

message 45: by Paquita Maria (new)

Paquita Maria Sanchez Yes, I believe our work is done here.

message 46: by Blake (new)

Blake Whilst it may be fairly said that the work puts force ahead of favour, the artifice supplies a deep melancholic reflection on the status of origination, which fractures the skylar realm, thus purporting instead of reporting.

The racist sentiment dissolves common thematic bodies and gives birth to a narrative of flourish, which tables a buttered-bread type reading of counterfactual austerity. Roberts teaches us that the human stain has no remover and that despite the effectiveness of bleach, there is only so much we can do for our best wedding dress on this last chance at the perfect day.

Kristen You obviously didn't read this book Blake. You are waaaay off base.

message 48: by Paquita Maria (new)

Paquita Maria Sanchez You yanked those lines from the Cliffsnotes, cheater!

message 49: by Blake (new)

Blake There is nothing outside of the text.

Kristen God Blake, you are so obvious, clearly Sherry is a sock puppet of Ayn Rand which everyone knows is your sock puppet!

And since you're the one who recommended me this fine novel the circle of life is complete.

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