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Horns by Joe Hill
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Sep 05, 2014

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Probably more like a 3.5 than a 3. Still - I didn't feel justified in giving it a full on 4. Don't get me wrong, I liked this book, liked it a lot even, however, I just didn't feel like there was a whole lot there. I mean, there was a nice solid plot premise, and than there was just a whole lot of round-and-round we go that, while nice to read, didn't really deepen my experience at all.

So you got this dude that grows horns, with these horns comes a power that makes the people around him speak whatever is on their minds, to share their darkest secrets or deepest longings. As well, the horns bring a power over these people to nudge them in directions they might not normally consider. All in all one would think it a pretty fucking cool power (minus running around with devil horns popping outta your forehead).

It isn't really though. Cool I mean. Sometimes its better to not know what people are really thinking. Sometimes secrets are secrets for a reason.

Sprinkled in with all of that - our little horn guy is trying to solve a murder a mystery.

Hijinx ensue.

There were some really great parts to this book. Joe Hill's writing is fan-freaking-nomenal and the interactions and dialog that he has taking place between his characters is pretty right on! The writing is very descriptive and Hill's mastery of sweeping the reader up in his carefully designed set pieces is all very much on display here! I will most certainly be looking towards other novels that he has written (I am already a BIG fan of his comic series, Locke & Keye).

Horns is a good read and I am definitely glad I got to squeeze it in before the movie comes out. Its going to be interesting comparing the two when all is said and done.
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15.0% "Man...Ig sure has a rough time of things. Certainly wouldnt wanna be in his shoes.

Those first few 'intro chapters' are pretty awesome though."
21.0% "Well spank my ass and call me Betty if chapter 12 of this book wasn't just a little slice of perfect! The whole thing felt like a scene from the movie, Stand By Me, from the setting of the Foundry, to the kids roasting a turd over the fire, and Ig roaring breakneck speed down Evil Knievel trail in a shopping cart!

Brilliant chapter!!"
57.0% "Ignatius Perrish, its quite the pickle you gots yourself in..."
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Morgannah I was particularly impressed by the chunks of blown up turkey cascading down on a summer afternoon.

Alexa So, we ended up thinking more or less the same. :) What did you think about (view spoiler)

Scott (GrilledCheeseSamurai) I just assumed that the (view spoiler)

Still...for a book that was as steeped in as much symbolism as this was...a little bit of clarification for us 'less observant' folk would have been nice. I cant help but wonder if a re-read would bring certain things to light? Of course I wont be re-reading this any time soon - there are just way to many other books to read. :p

Alexa Yep. I still have way too many books! And I want to try and review old books at some point.

How's The Way of Kings going by the way? Did you find your shardplate? :)

Scott (GrilledCheeseSamurai) Ahhh. Way Of Kings.

I was wondering when someone was going to ask. :p

I love the book. A LOT! Like, big-big love, even.



I haven't been reading listening to it.

Its really starting to irritate me that I am not making any progress with it. I was so determined that I would get through this whole first book in the audio-book format.

I guess its not working. I'm starting to come to the conclusion that audio-books (as bad as I want them to be) just aren't for me.

I may have to switch to reading this sucker because I really want to carry on with it and not be stalled out like a pansy-ass-mother-fucker. :P

Alexa LOL.

Welcome to the "Audio-books just aren't for me" group. :)

To be honest sometimes it irritates me that I don't like them; if I did I could "read" while walking without risking being flattened by a car...

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