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Monsters of Men by Patrick Ness
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Apr 17, 12

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Read from November 22 to December 01, 2011

I'm not sure how to review this one...

Awesome, awesome… Amazing awesomeness! Yes, this is it…

I feel kinda sad it ended, I must say…

I'm gonna start by saying the things I didn't like throughout the whole series, this review contains spoilers of the knife of never letting go and the ask and the answer, so if you haven't read those yet, I suggest you to stop reading now. By now my review here is free of spoilers for this last book.

Ok, so what I didn't like in the series is Todd being special, during the series since the first book, everyone's been saying Todd's special for some reason, I didn't really get to understand why is he that special or how did Mayor/president Prentiss found out about that supposed specialness of Todd.

I didn't like either how Todd used Viola's name as a weapon against the Mayor and how it became more powerful when Viola was with Todd saying Todd's name.

I have some hints of why maybe they are special, but for me that explanation or at least what I understood is not good enough, it's not believable, I don't get it..(view spoiler)

I don’t like that Manchee died, seriously, in my entire life I have never missed a character that much, everytime something reminded me of him I felt a knot in my throat, like what’s wrong with me?

I didn’t like that the horses were trying to be cute, Angharrad. They didn’t say much, but they could never replace Manchee.

So why the 5 stars?
here are the things I DID like in the entire series.

I liked so much the whole idea of the noise and being able to hear what people think, even though in many times I hated Todd for his stupid choices, I loved reading the process of his thinking.

I liked how since book 2 you get the view points of different characters to see what‘s happening everywhere, you get the whole scenario, not just a part of it.

I loved Mayor Prentiss- am I the only one?- he was very interesting.

I liked how everything was a disaster, everything going wrong, the world building was amazing.

I loved so much how even though Todd and Viola undoubtedly love each other, this wasn’t a romantic read, where you have them kissing all the time and suddenly someone appears and intervenes and you have a love triangle.

All the descriptions of feelings and what it is to be in war, all the death, all the destruction.

These books are just gorgeous!!

In this third book you start where the second finished, when Mayor Prentiss says “WAR, at last!” And then you can imagine what this book focuses on… WAR.

You have the army of the Mayor, the army of Mistress Coyle, and the Spackle army. Yeah baby! Non-stop action!!

This book shows you the reality of war, the consequences and how everything goes wrong and doesn't get better when you make war personal, or how even it's maybe sad and tough that when you want peace you have to prepare for war. Let me show you a quote without spoiling anything, " we have to kill them to tell them we want to stop killing them" something like that, don't remember the exact words, but it's very true.

This book was a really good ending to an awesome trilogy!

I didn't like something that happened here in this book though, so yeah I’ll say it cause it’s important for me to mention but of course it’s a spoiler of the last book, so again if you haven’t read Monsters of Men, it's now time to leave the review.

The thing is how Mayor Prentiss loved Todd so much and was changing him, and when Ben showed up, he became very jealous. I remember in the book two The Ask and The Answer the mayor said never love something so much it can be used against you. I understand why he preferred Todd over Davy, he had power, but that's no excuse for him to become weak for him, it just seems like something that wouldn’t happen to the mayor… I didn’t like that he died, he was like my favorite character… WTF?

Everytime when I read that Todd didn’t know if to trust him or not, and Viola got upset because Todd spent a lot of time with him, or everyone was like he’s a monster and can’t be redeemed, I didn’t share those feelings, I liked him so much. Actually, in the part where Mistress Coyle committed suicide with the bombs strapped around her waist, I was kinda worried for him, and when I read that Todd saved him thinking it was Simone, I felt happy.

At the end when they had finally come to agree in being in peace with the Spackle, and the Mayor just exploded out of jealousy and started destroying everything, I admit I didn’t like him there, not because I thought he had changed to be good but because I thought he would have kept his word, and didn’t…

I liked to have the point of view of the Spackle, it was entertaining and explained a lot of them, the way they called themselves the land and they were a single voice that communicated so easily, i actually felt sad when the Sky died.

Basically this is it, great series!!
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Jonathan That was such a brilliant was one of a few that fell into the real twixt adult and young adult fiction

Erika yeah, i loved the other 2 books and this one so far!!! it's awesome!

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