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Fighting to Survive by Rhiannon Frater
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Oct 28, 2011

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bookshelves: dystopian-post-apocalyptic-utopian, horror, lgbtqi, pn-zombies-biters, read-2011, readalong, 2011-publication
Read from October 30 to November 03, 2011

Review to come.

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10/31/2011 page 85
25.0% ""I know there aren't any lesbians in the fort, but you know, you have options," Jenni offered cautiously. (page 68)"
11/01/2011 page 98
29.0% "If a zombie bites your friend's throat, YOU HAVE TO SHOOT HIM. Jeez." 8 comments
11/02/2011 page 259
77.0% "More zombies, please."
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Wendy Darling Readalong Part Two, with my fellow zombie lovers. Well, some of them, anyway!

Maja (The Nocturnal Library) Did we set a goal for today? :)

Wendy Darling Is it terrible to say 50 - 75 pages? I'm a little concerned I may not be able to get much reading done today!

Maja (The Nocturnal Library) No, darling (and I mean that as an endearment, not as your last name :D). It wouldn't be terrible at all. You read as much as you can, and I'll catch up. I'm sure Bonnie has other things as well.

I'm rereading Mercy Thompson anyway. That should keep me busy for a while.

Bonnie Shoot I don't know if I'll be able to do that. I was really trying to finish Night Eternal so I only had 2 books going but I'm only at 75%. Hopefully tomorrow will be a slow day at work. :D

Wendy Darling Oh, no worries. Why don't we just see where we all are tomorrow and discuss until that point? I'm in no particular rush either.

Also, with this one, could we maybe hold off on posting reviews at the end until we've chatted? I like gabbing with you two about it and I'm not nearly as good at posting my reviews right away! I really need to be better about that...

Bonnie Sure that works for me. :)

Wendy Darling Great! It's a date. :)

Bonnie Finally starting! Slow day at work though so I'll catch up soon (crossing my fingers :D)

Wendy Darling Good! I got to page 85 last night, but the trade paperback starts on page 11...and honestly, not much happens in the beginning.

So Bonnie, I saw you read the Guillermo del Toro's book. (view spoiler) I wish I could draw. *sigh* Sadly, I got no artistic talent whatsoever, it all went to my oldest brother.

Bonnie Yeah I've read the first 3 chapters and it seems like a recapping so far.

When I was younger I always said I wanted to be an artist... until I grew up and realized that I have zero talent. haha

I can imagine he rose quite a stink about losing that. He's quite the talented individual.

Wendy Darling There also seems to be a lot of new characters. I hope we don't spend too much time with them, since it pulls apart the narrative quite a bit. Hey, do you know how long it's technically been since the last book? Somehow I missed it and I meant to go back and look to find out.

Yeah, I'd be upset if I lost something like that, too. He was apparently totally nice, though.

Bonnie Nope, I was wondering the same thing (how much time has gone by) and it hasn't been referred to, no concrete time frame. It seems as if it's shortly after though. Maybe a couple weeks. Jenni has moved into a tent with Juan and I'm assuming that didn't happen immediately after their visit to the janitor's closet in the last book. lol

Wendy Darling Hah hah, why not? A tent is clearly the next step in a relationship during the zombpocalypse, you never know when the closet is going to be piled up with dead janitors!

Okay, I'm glad I didn't completely space out, then. I'm assuming at some point we're going to have to meet up with an undead Lydia, right? I hope it's in this book rather than book three. And I hope it's right when Katie is finally doing the deed with Travis. That'll give her guilty nightmares forever.

Bonnie I was definitely expecting Lydia to come wandering out of the bushes at some point in time.
LOL I hope Lydia eats both of them.

This is the only real reference I've gotten. This is Travis 'thinking'.
'Perhaps things had gone too far when they had shared that kiss not too long ago.'
So yep. Not too long ago.

Wendy Darling Oooo, yes! Eat them, Lydia, eat them! Katie has gotten to be kind of a snoozefest. Stop pining, woman, she's not coming back. Well, I guess she is, but not in a good way.

Hah, Bonnie. "Not long ago" it is.

Also, we need more zombies. There haven't been many yet. More undead, less live people, please. I'm noticing the flaws a lot more without them.

Bonnie Yes. I mean I know I'm only 10 pages in but so far there's only been the one zombie caught in a sidewalk crack. I bet when they try and take over the Dollar Tree they're gonna stir a whole bunch of them up! Wheee!

Wendy Darling I hope they dress up like zombies at some point to try to fool the real ones. (I thought about that while they were at the dollar store, and this being Halloween and all.) I always like it when they do it in movies, hee hee.

message 19: by Maja (The Nocturnal Library) (last edited Oct 31, 2011 10:40AM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Maja (The Nocturnal Library) I think I'm slightly ahead of you ladies, which is why I'll stop here for the day. A lot more zombies coming up, no worries.
Also, I'm enjoying this book far more than the first one, for whatever reason. I'm not a big fan of frantic action scenes if they don't have much holding them together, which is what the first half of book 1 was all about.

Bonnie haha! That'd be great.

And I totally see what you mean about Katie. What happened to her? She's boooorrrriiinnnggg.

Bonnie Oh okay, Maja. Where are you so I can have a planned stopping point? :)

Wendy Darling Oh really, Maja? I'm not really into this one yet. The non-zombie stuff isn't all that well done to me, so when they're not there my eyes start to cross.

Yeah, Katie and Jenni have sort of switched roles. I hope they get more time together/alone, these men being in the picture have really mucked things up. I'm not really that interested in either Travis or Juan, to be honest. I'm glad Jenni's finally hooked up with someone so we can stop seeing her moon around, though.

And yes, let us know where you've stopped so we know where to stop today!

Bonnie Yeah, I do have to admit I quite enjoyed the 'frantic action scenes'. Which isn't real typical of me, I want a good plot to go along with it... maybe I'm just in that kind of mood.

They're clearing out the Dollar Tree right now, I'm enjoying this part at least. :D

Yes, I think the men have definitely contributed to the downfall of Katie/Jenni. They were so much more interesting, especially Katie, when she wasn't all "oooh I love Travis, but I can't love Travis because I love women but I love men too but I can't tell him..." you get the picture. lol

Wendy Darling Same here, Bonnie--I usually want character development and plot and all that good stuff, but I think this author just doesn't do those things that well...so I just want zzzzombies. :)

Yeah, just go for it, Katie. That whole storyline is dragging out in comparison to how fast everything else has moved, and it's really obvious it's going to happen.

Bonnie Yes, I agree, I think the author is definitely lacking in how she develops her characters but I think she rocks at the action scenes (and the gory descriptions).

It's really obvious that they're going to eventually end up together and even though the author probably intends on drawing it out to make it more dramatic it just doesn't work since it is so obvious.

Bonnie Should I stop soon? How far are you planning on reading today?

Wendy Darling Hm, maybe we'll still hear from Maja, unless she's too sick to read? I think I'll try to get to around page 125 - 150 tonight, depending on a good stopping point. Sound good?

Bonnie Sounds perfect. :D

Wendy Darling Great!

Poor Maja must really be sick, she's been very quiet today. :( We've been jabbering away like crazy, hah.

Bonnie Either that or maybe she just doesn't agree with our opinions on the zombies. hahaha

Wendy Darling Hah hah, I thought of that, too. ;)

Maja (The Nocturnal Library) Lovely ladies, I'm so sorry. I've had so much work to do today to make up for all the days spent in bed.

I've stopped when they cleared the dining room at the hotel. Some pretty awesome scenes in that time. I'm having some issues with the techicalities, I don't really understand their walls and defences.

I'll comment on some stuff when you both read that far to avoid spoilers.
For now, I have some homeworks to grade. :(

Bonnie That's okay, Maja. Just as long as you're not ignoring us or on your death bed. :D

Maja (The Nocturnal Library) Neither of those things. You know I love you ladies. I've narrowly escaped death and now I just need to earn my paycheck, no matter how reluctantly. :D

But it'll be better by the time you catch up.
Oh, and I actually like both Juan and Travis. :( I can't help it.

Bonnie Oh I like both of them, but I think their presence has caused Katie and Jenni both to turn into a couple of weenies. haha!

message 36: by Wendy Darling (last edited Oct 31, 2011 02:09PM) (new) - rated it 3 stars

Wendy Darling I stopped just before the dining room scene last night, so that's good.

And no sad faces! I know you have a penchant for men who kill zombies anyway. Me, I'd rather hook up with Katie. IF she would just stop being so wishy washy.

Maja (The Nocturnal Library) *snorts* I'd take Jenni over Katie any day. :D

Bonnie Sorry Wendy, am going to have to agree with Maja. :P

Wendy Darling I can't go for boy-crazy women, ladies. I'd rather deal with mopey than hot-to-trot. Besides, it's kind of suspicious that just about everyone around Jenni ends up getting eaten!

And I have faith Katie will bounce back to being a zombie-kicker at some point. Hopefully. Or else I will start rooting for Jenni to shoot her, too.

Bonnie Well I only like Jenni because she's super funny when it's time to go kill the zombies. haha!

I think once Lydia comes back and Katie can shoot her in the head she'll start feeling okay again. lol So morbid.

Wendy Darling Jenni is super fun, though I wish they'd stop make such a point of calling her "loca!" It gets kind of old.

I predict Lydia comes back, tries to eat Travis, and Katie is going to be forced to choose between seeing Travis get turned or finally taking action. She will of course hit Lydia with an axe, thereby finally choosing man over woman, happiness over guilt, and life over death. finis

Bonnie That seems like the typical route for the story to go. Personally, I think they should all become zombies and live happily ever after. hahahah

Wendy Darling Oh, that would be an AWESOME ending to a zombie book, Bonnie! Why hasn't anyone done that? Maja would be upset by the unhygienic life they'd all have to lead, though.

I don't think we'll have much luck holding out hope for originality in anything but the zombie action in this book, hah. This would probably make a fun movie, though.

Bonnie Yeah the grossness is okay at first but it gets old fast.

I think it would make a good movie. I think it'd end up being ranked right up there with Zombieland!

Bonnie Alright, somebody has to say it and it might as well be me. Are they even using condoms?!

Wendy Darling Hah hah hah. I haven't gotten there yet, but that's hilarious. These are grown-ups, too! Age-wise, anyway.

Bonnie They must be unconsciously trying to repopulate. haha

I'm going to be stopping soon... I'm in the middle of Chapter 10 so I was just going to stop at 11.

Bonnie I think it's a really long chapter though. Going to stop at the next section. :)

Wendy Darling Oh, why don't I get emails! Okay, Bonnie, I'll catch up to you and stop after that, unless Maja tells us she's gone beyond that.

message 50: by [deleted user] (new)

If you like this one you should read King's "Cell". It's amazing.

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