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You by Charles Benoit
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Oct 28, 11

really liked it
Read in October, 2011

In my book "You" by Charles Benoit, the main character, Kyle, talks about his life throughout high school. He talks about his best friends Max and Derrick who are considered hoodies, and are the reason why he goes to Midlands High rather than Odyssey because he decided to slack off with them instead of excel in school which forced him to go to Midlands High, the school for the normal kids who are not as intelligent as everyone else. Kyle has a friend named Ashley who he has wanted to date for a year, but never gained the courage to ask out. Halfway through the book Kyle meets the new student named Zach, who went to Midlands High but was kicked out for being a nuisance. Zach begins his year at Midlands with a bang, using his smarts against bullies and to pick up girls. Nobody at Midlands really talks to Zach, except Kyle. Kyle decides to be nice to Zach even though deep down inside he does not care for his cockieness and attitude. At a party, one of Zach's friends tells Kyle that Zach always finds weak spots in people and uses it against them. This was one of the main parts of this book because it was hard for Zach to find Kyle's weak spot, but in the end he realized how to make Kyle crack. Near the end of the book Kyle is forced into applying for a job at Sears even though he did not want to. The only good part about working at Sears was the fact that he would be able to see Ashley every day. Zach finds out about this and purposely applies at Sears, knowing he would make the job over Kyle. Unfortunatly Zach was right and he did make the job. Later that day, Zach skipped school and spent the day with Ashley. Doing this made Kyle crazy. Both of the boys decided to meet at the school. Zach puts a desplay of Ashley's underwear in the trophy case at the school. Even though he knew it would not end well, Kyle jumped through the glass because he cared about Ashley too much. A shard of glass that cracked was launched through the air and went through the chest of Zach killing him. Putting a dramatic end to the story. This was not what he wanted, but it did end the conflict between Kyle and Zach. In my opinion, this book did not have much of a meaning until the end. It seemed that Kyle just explained one week in detail and that was the entire book. If I could change it, I would put the week in less detail and explain more of what happened after Zach died. This book reminds me of The Pact, because it is explaining the ups and the downs of life, and how one choice can change someone's life forever.

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