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Dear Dylan by Siobhan Curham
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Oct 28, 2011

it was amazing
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Read on March 31, 2012

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The beauty of technology is it bridges people no matter where they are.Who would have thought the e-mails Georgie exchanges with 'Dylan' can save her life? Georgie is like every other fan who idolizes someone. At first her e-mails came off as annoying, but it was Georgie's willingness to share, her openness, her ability to give life and color to a bunch of words typed and sent electronically that makes her special. And 'Dylan' saw that spark in Georgie and before she knew it, they became e-mates. But Dylan's hiding a secret and when he comes clean, will Georgie still find it in her heart to trust her idol?

Siobhan's unique way of presenting the story, written as e-mails, add to the unique experience when reading Dear Dylan. It's not just about a fan interacting with an idol. Georgie wasn't even talking to Dylan, she was talking to his mom. And Georgie gets a glimpse into the life of the rich and glamorous. But sometimes it's not as happy as everyone made it out to be. Nan (short for Nancy) has retreated from the limelight of acting on stage and in front of the cameras, spending her days trying to move on with loss of her husband reminiscing the good old days. And Georgie just wants to act, overcome the shadow of someone who's more of an enemy than a friend to her and be free of a family that was slowly falling apart. It was terrifying to read of Georgie's life at home. To have a cruel stepfather and a mother who couldn't even find time to be one, Georgie had big shoes to fill in, and it wasn't easy for a teenager to do. Despite living in such an abusive environment and having toxic friendships, Georgie endeared herself to me, because she is such a sweet, kind, honest girl.

The heartfelt exchange between these two very different people, a fourteen year old struggling to be free of a life filled with fear and restrictions and a middle aged woman lost in her grief, finding that solitude sometimes isn't enough is what makes Dear Dylan a compelling read. Nan and Georgie lived completely opposite lives yet through their e-mails, they were there for each other, sharing thoughts and feelings and reaching out to each other even though they are miles apart. Both Nan and Georgie got each other through tough times, even those dreadful, scary ones. It's an unconventional, good thing that came about because of the internet. I loved reading about Georgie and Nan's life. There's something about those e-mail formatted pages that makes the reading more personal, sifting through the very thoughts of those who've written them, through their words, through their own eyes.

Dear Dylan not only explored and navigated through the fragile, complicated family dynamics of both Georgie and Nan's life, it also made room for some romance. Jamie is such a caring, teenage boy and even with Georgie's crush on Dylan, I wouldn't want her to end up with any other boy than Jamie! I loved how their relationship developed, slow, sweet, all too innocent and very cute!

Siobhan Curham's book tells of a story between a girl who's life is just starting to bloom, and a woman who's trying to find a reason to continue on with life. It's got stories about crushes, the joy of acting, the fear of a cruel stepfather and a mother too weak and drunk to protect her daughters, an up close and personal look into what goes on into the life of a celebrity mom, her discovery that life has more to offer than just taking walks on the beach and looking back at the times she was most happy. Dear Dylan was such a satisfying read. I felt so full with warmth and that contented feeling you get when you talk to someone who you know will always be there for you. Siobhan Curham's book is full of emotions, with beautiful and unforgettable characters. It's funny and entertaining, and over-all a very fulfilling read! Dear Dylan touched my heart deeply.
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