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Nightfall by Isaac Asimov
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Sep 03, 08

it was amazing
Read in June, 2008

The world in which we live, whether is there only one or six sun, is dangerous. Harm does not come by the hand of God, the anger of demons, or the appearance of Stars, but the madness and bloodthirstiness of man to hunt the scapegoats and make sure that those will die severely or to get rid of those who don't take side along with them. This is the phenomena normal in fanaticist or totalitarian communities. You will see it clearly in such kinds of those; otherwise, vaguely in such society so-called liberal and democratic. Though it does exist in every types of communities. I finished this book and got the feeling that world and man propelled by myth. It is not that myth a problem. Interpretation is. Inevitably interpretation a thing human can not free of, so this problem must exist forever, as other problems human have never yet overcome.

Some reviewers, if I did not misunderstood, thought that this novel elevating scientific value, but despising for religious one. Well, it is not hard to understand why the authors having a particular opinion in this way. You see a name Asimov printed on the cover, don't you? But, in my view, there is something important than if the authors atheists or not. They show us how the myth operating in society and how powerful is it. I think that humankind living in danger every time the fanatic ideas rising in power or controlling the state apparatus. It is not necessary if those ideas are kinds of religious. It can be anything. The point is that fanaticism blinds us and dictates us to do a brutal thing without contemplation and care of others. That is why killing people in the name of nation is making sense today. Mythology is a collection of ancient wisdom and imagination to enveloped world. It is wonderful if you take it as a subject to study, or to enjoy reading and profound contemplating for getting wisdom. But it is certainly harmful to take it seriously and be crazy about.

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