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Before by Cambria Hebert
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Oct 28, 2011

really liked it

Before serves as a prequel to Cambria Hebert’s debut novel Masquerade.
Heven is your normal teenage girl entering her Senior year of high school, her biggest worries are that of if her crush likes her, what to wear to school and if she will be made the head cheerleader.
You know, the stuff majority of girls think about or even dream about when they are little.
Heven has it all in this story, she is beautiful and popular and it seems like everything is going her way.
But the question is, how long can it last?

Cambria Hebert was able to capture the average teenage female thought process perfectly.
So well in fact that I found myself rolling my eyes at the trivial things that Heven and her friends talked and obsessed about in the story.
But, I had to remind myself that I was once a teenager too (What? I was) and admittedly acted the same way.
Don’t get discouraged or turned off though, the happy happy joy joy feeling of the story doesn’t last long.
Something wicked this way comes after Heven.
The question is, what is it, why is it after her and what happens to Heven?
Hebert drops a bomb on you like nobody’s business leaving you dying for more.
I believe that this is a great introduction to her next book Masquerade and will definitely have you running out to get it and find out exactly what happened and where this series is going to go.
If Before is any indication of what to look forward to, this is gonna be one heck of a ride!
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