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Black Howl by Christina Henry
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** spoiler alert ** Major Spoilers; you have been warned. Not in the mood to be circumspect.

Well, that sucked. Only a few chapters left in what I thought was a rather light hearted series, and what do I get? Major character death.

And, unfortunately, it was one of those deaths where I went "he's not really dead" for the first chapter or so after it happens. In fact, it wasn't till the last page that I gave up on the "then a miracle occurs" being pulled out of a hat.

Maddy has a hissy fit in front of Lucifer, only to have him change his mind and not only remove Gabriel's thrall status, but to marry the two of them himself. Well, I guess they had an evening of bliss before they went back into the trenches. Granted, we didn't see any of the bliss. Damn fade to black sex scenes.

Then there are a few more battle scenes, and the good guys escape, only to have Gabriel blindsided at the last moment ... killed by Maddy's traitorous father Azazel. Instant death. No chance for "don't leave me's". By the time Maddy turns around, J.B. has whisked his soul away. (Maddy being power drained, couldn't fly after them.)

Few days pass. Lucifer shows up after a strange absence to say "oops, didn't think that would happen" and "by the way, he left part of himself within you". Yeah, we're not talking euphemistically here.

Last three lines:

He put his hand on my abdomen, and I looked up in shock.
Far below, deep inside, I felt it.
The beating of tiny wings.


Don't know what to think, other than I was counting on a happy, or at least innocuous, ending. Something pleasant to read before bed. Now I'm back to wide awake and annoyed and sad and icky. There wasn't enough left of the book for a good cry, leaving me feeling rather empty.

I was thinking that the series was improving, but that kinda ruined things. I'm not the type of reader who insists on a HEA, but being blindsided, second guessing a major character death, and then having the book end without proper time to grieve ... icky.

I was leaning towards 4 stars before the twist. Now ... 2 stars. That may have ruined the series for me. I'm writing this moments after finishing the book. We'll see what I think down the line.

If you're going to kill him off, at least give us the "goodbye" and the sense that there isn't some magical reprieve out there. After all, Maddy is showing signs of having a power level approaching Lucifer's.


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