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The Black Circle by Patrick Carman
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Dan and Amy Cahill are lured to Russia by a mysterious telegram, promising information about the death of their parents. But they find themselves in the middle of a Lucian stronghold, where the Kabras and Irina Spasky have vast resources at their disposal. They'll have to make new alliances and new friends in order to survive, get the clue, and discover the mystery of their parent's death.

The series just keeps chugging along. Good things: yet another important character who doesn't care about the search for the clues; more development of side characters (some folks went from caricature to character in this books). Bad things: I'm still not that sold on Dan and Amy as main characters (five books in I should have a better sense of them); the author promises the audience one thing at the beginning on this book and never really follows through (the promise, I assume, is kept in the next book, but still...). These continue to be entertaining drivel.

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