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The White Mountains by John Christopher
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Oct 26, 2011

it was amazing
Read in October, 2011

Title: The White Mountains
Author: John Christopher
Setting: Futuristic Europe
Story Summary: Sometime in the near future the world is ruled by Tripods. All children are “capped” at the age of 14 when they have a metal cap grafted to their heads and they come under control of the tripods. Will and his Cousin Henry don’t want to be capped so they travel across Europe to go to a new land where there are supposedly no tripods. When they cross the ocean they meet a boy named Jean-Paul who loves to invent things. Because he is so skinny they call him Beanpole. Beanpole agrees to travel with them because he doesn’t want to be capped either and they head south for the White Mountains. While they’re traveling they come across a castle where they are taken in because Will is very sick. He is cared for by a young girl named Eloise who helps him recover from his sickness. Will falls in love with her and wants to stay behind when his friends leave but when he finds out that Eloise intends to be capped he changes his mind. His friends leave on the night of a big tournament but Will stays behind because he’s afraid he will be missed. He tells them he will catch up to them in a couple of days. As Will is leaving a tripod catches him and takes him inside it. Later it turns out that Will got a chip placed in his arm so that they could track them. They notice a tripod seems to be following them and they notice he has something in his arm so they cut it out. The tripod begins chasing them and it catches Will. As he’s being taken into the tripod Will throws at it one of the exploding eggs they had found on their trip. It blows up inside the tripod and Will is released back to the ground. The tripod stops moving and they know it’s destroyed so they run as far as they can when they see three tripods approaching, searching for them. They hide in a crevice of a rock that was big enough for them to fit in for over two days before they leave and continue on to the White Mountains where they resolve to destroy the tripods.
I found the book very interesting and easy to read. I like how someone my own age made the choice that they wanted to be free and how they were faced with many challenges and dangers but were able to overcome them and were finally able to reach the White Mountains which represented freedom from the control of the tripods.
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