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Canned by Alex Shearer
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Oct 27, 11

Read from October 26 to 27, 2011

This was a pretty good book. Two kids collect cans. In one of them, they fid a note thats says"help". In others they find a gold stud earring, gold ring, a human ear, and a human finger. On the bottom of the cans is a code. It always begins and ends with the same letters. While the girl is on holiday, the boy checks all the cans in the supermarket for the same code. Shortly later, he disappears. You find out that he found a matching code and went to the address on the can. Taking a peek inside the window, he sees children working at the machines. The machines are dangerous and have no safety conitions. They are all young children because the owners think that if there was an older child working there, they could be overpowered. When a child got too old, they would be killed. The bboy grabs some labels and a pen that one of the owners had dropped. He wrote a letter to the girl on it, knowing that she would pick up a a can without a label. To make the label fall off, he rubs a bit of the slimy dog food put into the cans onto the label. The girl recieves the letter and tries to tell her parents and the police, but they don't listen. Despite the boys warnings, she sets off a lone. She runs inside and opens the back door. The boy and her and a few other children run away with the owners behind them, throwing cans. The boy picks up a can and throws it, causing the owners to fall. THey run to the next village and tell the people what happened. The police come and rescue the children. The owners mysteriously dissapear. The children think that the owners fell into the machines and got killed because the children in the factory that the police found looked horrified. YOu don't know the answer, but a company going to clean the mess at the factory up sees the cans. The lead maan decides he could make money with them. He sells them to a m an who has a tent at the flea market. The man sells them to the boy's father. The father decides to give it to their cat. He takes it out, but there is a TOENAIL in it!

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