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Monster Hunter International by Larry Correia
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Oct 26, 11

really liked it

The main character in Monster Hunter International (MHI) is a large-sized firearms expert who couldn't get into the military because of flat feet and childhood asthma, who also happens to be a CPA. Larry Correia is ... a large-sized firearms expert who couldn't get into the miltary because of flat feet and childhood asthma, who also happens to be a CPA. You know what they say -- write what you know. Correia is also a competition shooter who is a part-time firearms instructor and used to own a gun shop, so if you like firearms you can expect to find a lot of accurate info here. If you DON'T like firearms, however, you're going to hate this book. You've been warned.

MHI is a lot of fun, without much deep meaning attached. Testosterone, guns, and explosives abound. If you're in the mood for all-out shoot-em-up action and a bunch of splattered monsters, this is a pretty good book to scratch your itch. Although the story has anti-government/gun-nut-in-the-back-woods overtones, the political bent is not so much conservative in the popularly understood sense as strongly libertarian. Minorities and women both get to do a lot of ass-kicking, the main character is of mixed race himself, and various religions (and lack thereof) are represented without rancor. If literary sex bothers you, there is very little of it here. Although there is some tame romance, this ain't no lovey-dovey paranormal romance book -- it's basically boys (and girls) with toys that go boom.

There are some hysterical scenes in this book, especially a few that subvert our expectations of "good" vs "bad" racial types from classical fantasy literature. I won't spoil the surprises, but there is one great scene in particular which involves a trailer park and its inhabitants. Also -- the narrator, Oliver Wyman, does a fine job with the narration. As a southerner myself I was not offended by his southern accents, even though some were obviously exaggerated for comic effect, and his delivery is appropriately manly yet sardonic to match the text.

On the down side, the writing style is pretty blunt, and the story's structure could use some work. I won't give anything away, but the flashback episodes in particular could have been improved quite a bit IMHO.

This book will never be a classic, but as an enjoyable throwaway to fill up some time you could do a lot worse.
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