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The Mephisto Covenant by Trinity Faegen
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Oct 26, 2011

did not like it
bookshelves: damsel-in-distress, dumb-bimbo, their-iq-is-why-deserve-each-other, knew-it-from-the-start, mr-pedo, seriously-reminded-me-of, stalker
Read in October, 2011

Before reading this review, please remember that this is my opinion on Mephisto Covenant, and I respect different (positive) reviews on this. This, however, is what I think.

Ever since Sasha’s father has been murdered, she had been deeply depressed and wanted to unveil the conspiracy to his death. She was tempted to join a cult called Ravens, but was saved at the last minute by Jax, who claimed to be a Mephisto, and her an Anabo. The Ravens, according to him, was lead by Eryx, an evil spirit that wanted to destroy all the Anabos on earth.

Sasha! Listen to your senses! This guy was absolutely insane! I don’t care how cute or rich or seemingly perfect he was, he said this

‘Since I caught your sense, you are mine.’

Wow, real civilized *snort*. What do you think you are; a werewolf or a vampire? I can’t find any difference between a Mephisto and the above two supernatural creatures, and they would have made much more sense. You were so bloody mad to spill out every thought or secret you have in your mind and blurt them out. When you realize your mistake 10 long seconds later, you erased her memory? I normally don’t want male protagonists to keep so many secrets about anything about them to the female protagonists, but you should really know your boundaries.

Sasha! Don’t think I’m done with you, we’re not even close. I honestly thought this story was not going to be the love-at-first-sight/horror kind of romance I’ve always dreaded, since Jax had to win your heart like any other boy, but then you trashed my hope with a handy of pages. Don’t worry, I have every faith in you that you truly were an Anabo, given that you held no suspicion over anyone, even those who just mysteriously jumped into your life and erased your memory of him once and for all. Even when he was trying to distant you for your own good (and you know it), you had to ruin the only smart thing he was planning to do. When someone was trying to rape your backside out, you did what? What? That’s the question, YOU DID NOT DO ANYTHING ABOUT IT! To be fair, I would certainly indulge in a little rape plot because it could make the story much more interesting, make the girl smarter, and let her understand more about herself, which was something she desperately needed. But then again, you can’t always get what you wanted, and none of my wishes were granted in this book because of some low cliché and anti-feminism ideas.

The Mephisto Covenant was compiled of endless information that I still don’t comprehend even after the sixth repetition of it, and lack a strong or grabbing plot in all the right places—the book. When I was reading Starcrossed, I thought that was the ultimate copycat of Twilight, but then there’s always something much, much more alike and sinister. I thought I was reading another version of Twilight, only with a bold author willing to write an R-rated scene and worse writing skills. Is there anything in this book that is not mildly similar or evens a copy-and-paste from Twilight? I believe we all agree that Twilight is not that much of a masterpiece for writers to copy and copy and copy and copy, but here’s the real problem: they don’t.

1 bimbo out of 5. I wish there was a place for me to banish this book forever.

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