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The Chosen by Chaim Potok
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Oct 25, 11

Read in October, 2011

This is a really heart felt book between two enemies that become great friends. This was really hard to keep up with, because I knew no difference between a hasidic jew and an orthodox jew. My mind is still fuzzy about the matter, but I understand what it's telling me. It was a well written book it just was hard to make sense of. I will probably never read another book by Chaim Potok, because my brain still hurts from reading The Chosen.

The main characters of this book is Rueven, and Danny. The two boys meet eachother at a softball game, Danny accidently hit Rueven in the face with the softball. Rueven was rushed to the hospital hurt, and poor Danny felt terrible. He tried to apologize as much as he could to Rueven, but Rueven just wouldn't accept the apology. Even though Rueven was hurt his father made him become friends with Danny. Rueven really didn't like that he was being forced to be friends with this boy. Rueven really can't handle their different religious views but obeys his father. Danny, and Rueven are both Jewish they are just differentn types of Jewish. If that makes any sense. Danny also has a hard time accepting Rueven, because of their different religious vies. After awhile they start an actual friendship, and put their different views to the side. Rueven, and Dannys friendship grows stronger even though the way they were raised is so different. Dannys father is making him follow his footsteps to become a rabbi, but really Danny rather be a psychologist. And as a coincidence Rueven also really wants to be a rabbi, but his heart is slowly being stolen by math. Sometime in the story a man named Reb Sanders gets rid of Reuvens right to talk to Danny for reasons I am not going to reveal, because that would ruin some of the book.

I would love to explain more about the book, but I fear it would only ruin it for other readers. I would give away too much if I got into too much detail. I learned that anyone can be friends even if they are destined to be the opposite. The only thing I would ever want the author to change is to make the book a little bit easier for the common American mind to understand.


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