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Oct 31, 2012

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Also posted on my blog: http://jana-thebookgoddess.blogspot.com/

What is wrong with you people??!!?

* So here I am checking out the Hush Hush 4 Goodreads page, scrolling down for reviews, and GASP I find words after words complaining about 'WHY IS THERE A FOURTH ONE?' and 'WTF?!? SHE'S WRITING ANOTHER ONE?'or the infamous one 'HOW? WHY? SHE'S RUBBISH. SHE CANNOT WRITE'. Well I'm tired - GET OVER IT, PEOPLE. You're just jealous because her books got published and yours didn't.

I really can't honestly find a reason why people are posting (it's not even negative, it's just mean) comments about books they don't like, and probably wouldn't even ever read (it's not just for this book, I'm just posting this rant here because I was looking at this now). I get it, you hate the 'shitty' series but.... I LIKE IT. A LOT OF PEOPLE DO. SO LET US ENJOY THE FRIKKING BOOK. Because honestly, the three previous books wouldn't be NYT Bestsellers if they WERE crap.

So just PLEASE, stop wasting your precious time. I understand why people may hate/don't like this book, 'cause I don't like a lot of books as well (say, the Fallen series) but I don't go around and start going on about how rubbish it is, and I understand that everyone's opinion will be different.

Is it just me that's really tired of people trying to be funny when they're posting 'hilarious' pictures that says WTF? 'Cause it's not. Not funny, that is.

My blog: http://jana-thebookgoddess.blogspot.com/
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Jana Sam, thanks for liking this! It just makes me soo angry!

Paulina hah you go girl!

Paulina You know when you mentioned "precious time" what are you talking about?! they dont have any precious time thats why they are wasting it on here bitching..

I thought i would join the rage :)

NightlyReading Well said!

Paulina Sam wrote: "The more Patch, the better, I say. So glad there is a fourth book! :)"

I want more!!!!!! Four isn't enough for me :(

Jana I totally agree with you all! I am sooo happy and I really can't wait for the fourth (and last) book! But I'm really excited about her new projects as well :)

message 7: by CerejaCult (new) - added it

CerejaCult CerejaCult You say it sistha!!!!

If you don't like a book, why wast time with it? Just go on and, you know, have a life or something LoL


message 8: by daydreamer (new)

daydreamer I havent even read this series, but i totally get what you are saying!

Jana Sam wrote: "daydreamer wrote: "I havent even read this series, but i totally get what you are saying!"

You should try it soon. It's amazing! :)"

Yeah I agree with Sam, you won't regret it =) :)

message 10: by CerejaCult (new) - added it

CerejaCult CerejaCult Jana wrote: "Sam wrote: "daydreamer wrote: "I havent even read this series, but i totally get what you are saying!"

You should try it soon. It's amazing! :)"

Yeah I agree with Sam, you won't regret it =) :)"

I second that LoL
Really good series =D

Aimee Jana, I totally agree. These idiots are writing up negative reviews for the 4th book in a series when they say they don't even like the first book, yet somehow know all the details of all 3 books? If they didn't like the first they should have just left it at that.

message 12: by CerejaCult (new) - added it

CerejaCult CerejaCult Aimee wrote: "Jana, I totally agree. These idiots are writing up negative reviews for the 4th book in a series when they say they don't even like the first book, yet somehow know all the details of all 3 books? ..."

IKR? If they didn't like the 1º why read the others?
I really luv the 1º *-*

message 13: by a. (new) - added it

a. Yeah, if you have nothing nice to say, then don't say it at all. I am shocked. I thought people would be excited if they were commenting. Hm. Well. I love these books.

message 14: by Shana (new) - added it

Shana Rivera really if they loved the others so much y are they complaining about a fourth book. IM SO EFFIN excited for this book you have no idea!!! this is my favorite series of all time. Some ppl should just stfu plz :) becca fitzpatrick is an amazing writer!

message 15: by Tara (new) - rated it 5 stars

Tara Thank you for this, Jana. When i went on this page i saw all the negative comments and it pissed me off cause if they don't want a fourth book, why should they care if it's coming out? They can just not read it and ignore it. Simple as that. Seriously, some people need to build a bridge, have a cry and get over it.

message 16: by Abbi (new) - rated it 5 stars

Abbi I wish I could like your status a billion times. I see this all over goodreads and honestly, it's why I barely come here anymore. People LOVE to trash a book and rip a book apart (the more popular it is, the worse they are about it) and it doesn't even feel like it's about finding books you like. It's about ripping other people's books apart.

message 17: by Samantha The Escapist (last edited Nov 30, 2011 02:25PM) (new) - added it

Samantha The Escapist Hello! One of the naysayers here (i come in peace) My purpose for writing a mean review of a book I have no intention of reading is that I feel my time was stolen from me by 185 pages of trying to read the same story again. To use a tool like Amnesia to further your story when you still have another book coming says to me "I realy wanted to call this a Saga instead of a trilogy so here's some nice padding before we move on" And that's what angers me, I don't really think the story has earned a 4th book in a sence.

It's funny that you mention fallen because I find the reason I've grown to hate this series is that it's becoming more and more like it, a grand and important story told through the mundane scope of a normal and rather dull protagonist who learns everything 50 pages after the reader figured it out.

Anyway, not here to antagonize anyone, just dropping by to let you know my reasoning for posting negatively about a book I haven't read. I don't make a practice of it but this one was a little different by my calculations since I DO have an opinion on the fourth one without having read it - this is "This book is not merited after an (at least) 50% wasted third book" I quite liked the series at first and wanted to finish the story but sadly...

message 18: by Mark (new)

Mark haven't read any of this series and probably won't but I do think you have a total point. Anyone has a right to criticize a book they have read or at least begun to read but it does seem a bit weird to slag off a book you haven't even opened

message 19: by Lauren (new) - added it

Lauren Thank you for saying that! I believe that people should be able to post critical reviews about books they don't like, but completely bashing the next book in the series when they haven't even read it..? If it's a waste of time to read, then surely it has to be a waste of time to hate on it! Some people genuinely love these books, some people genuinely hate them. You can't say a book is "bad", beause in some people's minds it's amazing. For example: I really did not like the Fallen series, at all, the first book was okay but I quickly lost interest. Unlike this series which has kept me captivated from the first page in the first book and, in my opinion, NOTHING like the Fallen series. The only similarity is that there are fallen angels in them. However, some people feel that this series is crap and the Fallen series is gold, and I respect that. People are entitled to their opinion, but they shouldn't force it on other people (by bashing books they haven't even read) in an offensive way. Come on people. You're wasting your energy on a series of books that you're claiming stole your time! Don't you see the obvious IRONY in that? You're not helping yourself and you are definitely not helping the people who like the books! So next time you click the add a review button with hateful thoughts it mind, think again.

Sarah burrows i totally agree, i love this series (and the fallen series, though i don't think they are that similar!), and i do think people deserve the right to have there say but they shouldn't just slag it off, especially if they haven't even read it, plus how can you have a negative review about a book that hasn't even been released yet?! and i think it's stupid the pictures that have been posted, especially saddening is the picture/video of dean winchester (jensen ackles) from supernatural, as i love that series its amazing. anyway most of my thoughts people have already mentioned so ill just say i like and agree with Lauren's last sentence/s above "So next time you click the add a review button with hateful thoughts it mind, think again." xxxx

message 21: by Kanisha (new) - added it

but not about about the fallen series :( , I love it :) thatisall

message 22: by Mirsada (new) - added it

Mirsada Again as many have mentioned u might think they are crap but then again others might love these series ...just saying. Its all about difference in opinion. You cant say they are crap.. for you they are and for many others they are not. I respect your opinion though. =]

message 23: by [deleted user] (new)

I completely agree with what you said! Just now I was reading some of the reviews on Hush Hush and someone compared it to TWILIGHT! I was like 'HELL NO'. I then read some other ones where Patch was called a Perv! He is sooo not a Perv.

Sarah burrows omg Patch isn't a perv, that's just stupid! and i don't like comparing hush hush to twilight either, it really annoys me how nearly every fantasy/supernatural type book is now compared to twilight, im like why? there completely different, okay if it has vampires in it then yeah maybe, but books that don't have them are still being compared?! there are better books then Twilight! :/ x

message 25: by Mish (new)

Mish AMEN. For once I've found someone who thinks the same way. This is the main reason why I don't really like going on Goodreads.. it's just becoming really immature now.

Jana Sarah, I agree. I don't know or understand why every YA book nowadays are getting compared one way or another to Twilight. Just because it's got vampires or love triangles doesn't mean that you have to compare it. Yes, there ARE other better books than Twilight (but that's just my opinion). :)

Sarah burrows Jana, yeah that's what i was thinking, i once read a review (can't remember which book it was!) that didn't have a love triangle or vampires in it, i think i was about witches or something like that, and it was being compared to Twilight, which really kind of confused me!
I like Twilight but i think there is too much hype around it now which has wrecked it!
i personally think the hush hush series is much better then Twilight anyway x

Karli You tell these morons! :)

message 29: by Allie (new)

Allie I agree everyone is getting so worked up over this I love these books they are amazing and keep u turning the page I can't wait for the 4th book! I want patch 2 be able 2 feel it makes me sad how he can't lol and ur right about the best seller! If most ppl like it then the ppl who don't probably just have bad taste. It's romantic exsiding and fun. Wat more could u ask for!?

message 30: by Allie (new)

Allie Me again. I just wanted u say the reason she is making a 4th book is cuz ppl asked her 2 and now she's getting all this crap for it. I think it's a great idea 2 make another and I can't wait!

message 31: by Naiomy (last edited Dec 28, 2011 12:22PM) (new)

Naiomy This is so true, i mean ok do you dont like the book. You dont ha,ve to go around saying just plain mean things. So is it really important telling other people you think the books were a waste, dont go around breaking the spirits of other people who really like the book or want to read it, cuz if the people who want the book think what other people say they think the book is bad, which i dont, and believe their review, they might not like it after second guessing it when they couldve liked it in the first place. So seriously people back off, if you dont have anything good to say, its your problem. This happened once when i read a really awesome book, someone just went around saying "THE PEOPLE WHO READ "SO&SO"! AND LIKE IT!!, have a bad taste in books". It really hurts to see that someone doesnt approve that book and rub it in everyone who liked its face. So i say once again back off, its yyour problem, it doesnt matter if you dont like it or not

Kennie is dah Name (: Batista oh yeah! go girl: Peace in the World Books xD

message 33: by Erika (new) - added it

Erika Trust me when I say that the Hush Hush series is one of the greatest fallen angel series out there. I mean, many people may not agree. BUT DAMN. If only they know how much Becca's books make me lose so much sleep.


Alicia McCartney Patch = my number 1 fictional crush! And Hush Hush series better than Fallen... though I do like fallen series as well.

Sarah burrows Alicia wrote: "Patch = my number 1 fictional crush! And Hush Hush series better than Fallen... though I do like fallen series as well."

Totally agree :)

Ashley A note to Becca... Keep doing what you're doing. I've enjoyed the series thus far and my ONLY dissappointment is having to wait until fall for the fourth book!!

Lilly france I absolutely love the hush hush series its my favourite so far that and morganville vampires :) my only dissapointment is y cant there b as many as the morganvilles :/ how can it end at number 4 really ?? xx

Emily I love the series myself and knew there were going to be a fourth book, and I am so excited! I came to the page to see if there has been any news about it, and saw the outrage .. seems very immature to me. Anyway, I can't wait to read the fourth!

message 39: by Thu (new)

Thu i cant wait for the 4th book to come out in october! it's called "finale" and the cover will be revealed in May!

Nobonita I think that without the fourth book the whole story would remain incomplete

message 41: by Jenny (new) - added it

Jenny I agree and don't understand how people can review a book, negative or positive, without reading it. I see it happen both ways. Or give it a good rating because they like the cover??

Jana Jenny wrote: "I agree and don't understand how people can review a book, negative or positive, without reading it. I see it happen both ways. Or give it a good rating because they like the cover??"

Yeah, I do hate it aswell when people rate books just because of a cover, or how much they are looking forward to it. It's very misleading.

Alein Why are people complaining? More Patch is good!

message 44: by Anjali (new) - added it

Anjali I agree! er writing is amazing and i love the concept of the books! They are wonderful. People gotta stop hating!

Melody I totally agree!!! People just have to stop hating obviously ALOT of people LOVE this serie!

Niyati Yeah seriously!!! i love her books...and forth book is a must!!

message 47: by Alison (new) - added it

Alison Why would you put so much effort into hating a book? Just move on people

message 48: by Tanner (new)

Tanner whats wrong with people ?!!? it doesnt MATTER whether or not how many books she has !!! personally i LOVE LOVE LOVE the series and im preferably happy its not over. reading should be about reading and finding out what happens not " how many books are out " i love the house of night series but they have too many books out they have what... ? like 7 or 8 books out right now ? so what ? you have to read a little more, but so what? it doesn't matter. i just like that fact that theres more to read and i get to find out what happens instead of complaining. a lot of people want to read the series. just stop judging and just go back to reading which ever books you like and dont be so harsh on authors.

Sarah burrows ^^ I totally agree, its about the quality of the story not the amount of books x

message 50: by Tanner (new)

Tanner besides, seriously.. she couldnt have left off with silence ANYHOW cause one of the last pages she starts talking about having to do something with the war, WHO IN THE WORLD COULD LEAVE A STORY LIKE THAT??

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