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Out of My Mind by Sharon M. Draper
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Oct 25, 2011

it was amazing

The book I read was called Out Of My Mind. It was a really good book. Melody, the main character, is 11 years old. She can not walk, talk, or eat by herself she has to have someone feed her and help her with everything she does because her arms and legs do not work. You may have guessed she had a disability, she has Cerebral Palsy. Melody is very smart though it is like her head is a recorder she films and remembers everything she has a photographic memory. She was an only child for a long time but now she has a sister named Penny. In the beginning of the book Melody says that words have always swirled around her like snowflakes each one different and unique, she also says that she knows thousands of words, and that she drinks them all up like ice cold lemonade. And then it says "I have never spoken one single word. I am almost eleven years old." I really like that part it is so good it makes you want to read it.

All Melody wants is to be able to talk. She just wants to show people that she is very smart and that she is not dumb. One day when she walked into class the only person that really payed attention to her ever is a girl named Rose. Rose had a new computer, it was a really cool computer, and since Melody can't talk she pointed to "me too" and then her aide Katherine said Her computer is really nice but even mine isn't that nice. And then Melody said no one for me. Then they found one online that would work for her and that would say a word just by the press of a button. Melody also wants to join the Whiz Kid Team, and she always has. She has always been in what they call H-5 room. It is a classroom for disabled students. She has never been able to join in on what they in the other classrooms so when she was in fifth grade they finally decided to let them go into the other classrooms for somethings. Melody was so excited because she would actually be able to do something in a "normal" classroom. So finally this year she got to take the test for the Whiz Kid team and she got a ????????? (you'll have to read it to find out)

Melody's obstacles are that she has Cerebral Palsy. This is a obstacle because she can not feed herself, walk by herself she has to use a wheelchair, and can not do anything with her hands and feet. She HATES it when people stare at her or ask whats wrong with her she just wants to say we all have disabilities whats yours. She is so happy once she gets her Medi-Talker. She kind of and just thinks that now she can talk she can be normal. Most of the kids think it is really cool a they think she is really cool too except for one or two girls one is named Claire. One of her other obstacles is that people make fun of her sometimes and she kind of just has to live with it because she had never been able to tell anyone what's on her mind and believe me a lot more is in there than people thought.

Melody has to do quite a bit to over come her obstacles, even though she can not get rid of the fact she has cerebral palsy. One thing she overcomes is that she doesn't care what other people think she knows that she can like herself for the way she is. Some people might not ever be able to get over the fact that she has cerebral palsy and might never get to know her because she thinks she is dumb or weird. Melody has learned that some people may be very mean to her but she can not give up on her hopes and dreams and that she knows what she is capable and no one else ca tell her what she can or can't do. One example is when she wanted to take the test to be able to get onto the Whiz Kid Team her teacher told her that she was just setting herself up for a huge failure and dissapointment. Melody knew she could do it though and put her mind to it and did the best she could. She learned to overcome her obstacles even if she couldn't get rid of them.

I love this book, it is just so meaningful and it makes you fell so fourtunate for the stuff you have and your body.
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