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Rule 34 by Charles Stross
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Oct 25, 2011

did not like it

Stross is a visionary
and his books often just make you just stunned because you can not grasp the ideas he is coming up with...
I think Accelerando, Glasshouse and Saturns Children belong amonst the most ambitions must reads written in recent times. So the man has somethign of a Genious.

But I also think he is not necessarily a Poet.
I feel quite often does he struggle with plot (in most books actually) - it feels as if he has ideas for world building and details, but not for the over arching plot.

I also find that his Merchan Princess series is utterly boring rubbish. Not worth the paper its written on. Nothing wrong with it. It is just 'nothing'. Sorry Charles.

The Laundry Series is very good fun, like very pleasant and well made junk food, we all enjoy sometimes more than a Michelin Star meal.

Rule 34 though was a total disappointment. The various ideas seem joyfully clubbed together, as if a creative mind had to quickly produce a couple of hundred pages. The characters are a pick and mix of character traits of characters of Stross' other novels.
I am not sure this novel could have been made to work at all. Each individual idea coudl be made to work, but only if it was taken to the extreme (which Stross normally does), but because they are so varied, it would not have worked. So this is a watered down mix of half-hartedly executed ideas.
Sorry, just doesnt work...

Than again, nothing wrong with that... In fact, I think if it wasn't Stross, it would have been a good book. I just expected more :) Your own fault, Charles...

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