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Crackback by John Coy
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Oct 25, 2011

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Coleman Pelkey
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In the book Crackback by John Coy a boy named Miles Manning is facing some high school troubles. Everybody is pressuring him to be the best he can be on his football team which is expected to go to states this year. But with his coach leaving the team and a new coach, things go downhill. His old coach Sepoloski has to go to the hospital and the doctors are ordering him to take the year off. So the backup coach Stahl is taking over. From the minute he’s the head coach, Miles can tell he doesn’t like him. He’s pushing everyone on the team to get in and weight lift more and he’s making the practices a lot worse. His best friend Zach offers a boost thing before the first game. He says its just caffeine and it’s just to get you pumped up before. Miles thinks what could go wrong, it’s just caffeine. He takes it and he can feel it working. First play of the game he takes out the other teams Quarterback on a blitz. He soon takes a pick six back for a touchdown and the Eagles sail to a win. Zach is offering him more stuff but this time it’s getting serious. He gives him steroids and Miles is nervous about taking them so he looks them up on the internet. He sees the side effects and realizes this is not for him. But the Eagles season starts going downhill when the star quarterback, Jonesy, goes down and they have nobody good enough to fill the void. Stahl puts a punt offense that is bound to mess up and it does when the other team blocks the punt and runs it in for a touchdown. As a result that is the only points the other team has got all game. It’s tied 7-7 and this is the last play of the game. If they stop them here they go into overtime. They are playing zone and Miles makes a mistake and stays with the wideout too long which leaves the running back wide open for a touchdown. For that one mistake, Stahl takes him off starters which is a big mistake because all of the other cornerbacks stink compared to Miles. Miles is angry about this but the second team teaches him to have fun. They go shining which is like sneaking up on people making out in the park and shining flashlights on them. When he goes out by himself to go shining, a big man catches him and beats him up. He then ties his hands together and throws him off a cliff. Miles was lucky enough to land in the water with no injuries except a broken nose. Finally on the last game of the regular season when MIles is still sitting on the bench. A cornerback playing at Mile’s position makes a mistake and gives up a touchdown so it is 7-6 and Stahl puts Miles back into the game at safety on the extra point. He is supposed to stay back in case they go for two instead of kicking for the extra point and going into overtime. Miles thinks they are going to kick so he goes in for the block and leaves the safety position wide open. He blocks the kick and they win! They are going to the playoffs, but Stahl is stubborn and says to Miles “You blew your assignment at safety, You will not play another game for this team for the rest of the season.”
My opinion of this book is that it was very interesting and it was realistic. These were all possible high school difficulties that a normal kid would go through. The book did not have continuous action throughout but when there wasn’t action there was another surprise. When everything seemed to be going good BAM! Another surprise. This book was very interesting and I, often could not put it down. I liked this book a lot.The one thing that I think could change was the ending. I think it ended so abruptly that it you kind of get a cliffhanger but there isn’t a second one. That’s the one thing that I think should change.
On a scale of 1-5 I would give this book a four for it’s great plot and it was very interesting. I would give it a five but I did not like the ending very much. I would recommend this book to anyone really. I think mostly people who like football would this book though.

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Everything is else good though.
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