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Intertwined by Gena Showalter
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Jan 10, 12

Read from October 25, 2011 to January 10, 2012

I read this series out of order. Really, it doesn't do much harm in reading it out of order. I read Unraveled(The Sequel) first and I sort of liked the characters and was curious enough to read the sequel to the sequel(Twisted) and grew annoyed with the characters I liked(riley/mary-ann) and grew to despise the characters I already hated(Aden/Victoria).

So it was good to finally read the first book in the series, Intertwined. Personally, I enjoyed this series. Intertwined to me is a series that tries to do way too much at one time. I am all for action-packed, fun rides but Gena Showalter spends so much time writing these fun action scenes that she really just screws over character development.

Aden is a decently appealing protagonist with an interesting plight(he has 4 souls trapped in his head and hears their voices and deals with their very distinct personality). However, as soon as he meets Victoria, she is literally his downfall. I do appreciate Victoria's character BEFORE her Aden got together but it seems the two of them together destroy what little interest i had in the character. She is a Vampire princess yet severely weak and usless. Aden is a human yet he has these "convenient" powers that somehow make him able to fight off Vampires who are WAY STRONGER THAN HE IS. He isn't buffy the vampire slayer....He's just a kid who knows how to fight decently.

Riley/Mary-ann are so adorable and I love them. I loved them more in Unravaled and I grew to dislike them in Twisted because i just hated what Gena did with them as characters. It was cute knowing how their storyline ended up to start from the beginning.

I said the same thing about Unraveled, R/M are what makes this story interesting because A/V can not carry a story themselves. Not at all....Which is another reason why Twisted was awful, twisted was too heavy on the New A and V and not balanced out proportionally with R/M.

Plotwise, the plot for the most part Was great in the beginning....
But after he met Victoria, it started going downhill...

The entire time we meet Mary-anne and hear "Eve's" reaction to her, you pretty much could have guessed where the story was going to go but instead you are subjected to that plot dragging out(though i loved the end just took too long and should have been wrapped up long before it actually was).

The ending was quite rushed. They fight..the encounter with the witches...Again, rushed...the battle with the vampires...Rushed....I hate stories where they drag out stuff they shouldn't and stuff they SHOULD focus on, is glossed over.

Characterwise--- C Plus(Aden/Victoria aka the leads bring this down lol)

Plotwise--- B plus(overall, it is fairly entertaining to read)

Action---- A plus

Would I recommend this to someone? If you love the typical Paranormal romance, yes. If you like Vampire/Human relationships and hate twilight, sure this is much better(though A/V are basically as annoying as Bella/Edward...though there is no Jacob here)

Though the series does get progressively worse with each book and Twisted is beyond awful. It was good to see how good a series COULD have been reading Intertwined and seeing how pathetic it has become in its sequels.

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