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The Key by Felicia Rogers
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Oct 27, 11

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I didn't know this when I started this book but The Key is about SHIFTERS!!! And we all know how much I love my forever changing, most of the time furry friends, and the take on a whole new bread of shifters was no exception.

Maddie lives with her great-grandma after losing her parents in a house fire. She tried desperately to save them before she somehow ending up sitting in the grass outside her home surrounded by fire fighters, paramedics, and flashing lights...not really sure how she got there. One minute she's crawling to her parents room, the next there is a arm wrapped around her waist, and then she is outside the burning house. Leaving Maddie parent-less she moves in with her great-grandma Drioa. She may be in a new town. In a new house. But the nightmares are always the same.

Running in a field of heather, a white tower...and then fire and destruction back in the house with her parents.

It's been four months since Maddie started a new school. For months of sitting alone in the back of every class. Being invisible to everyone. Not even having a locker to store her books in. She only live 5 miles outside of town but the school bus system says they won't go that far so she rides her bike to school everyday. I mean how can you not feel sorry for this girl? Then to make matters worse she doesn't think there is anything wrong with the fact that people treat her this way. In fact she thinks she deserves it for not being able to save her parents. And I'm not talking in a Woe is me, pity party kind of way. I am talking This is my life and I have accepted, embraced, and understand it. kind of way which makes it even more heart felt. Love and attention for Maddie is like toys to an kid that didn't know they ever existed. How can you miss something you don't even know about?

Then she meets Chase...

Chase's dad retired from the military and moved his family to live in this small town. If only he knew what he was getting his son into. Chase's first day at school was pretty typical. Locker assignments, class schedule, weird guy staring at pretty loner girl with amazing emerald green eyes...wait, what? Why is he staring at her like that? And why does he instantly feel like he needs to do something about it? Chase decides to sit next to Maddie, and find out what this guys deal is. Come to find out...the creepy guy is new here too.

I don't want to give to much away, but I will say that the shifters in this story are Gryphons! Yep yep half eagle/half lion flying creatures. How awesome is that?! This is the first story I've read about them and I loved the lore behind them.

Now I only had one problem with this book really...and it was the dialogue. It just seemed all old timey in spots. Ok like in a LOT of spots. At one point I actually went back to check the publication date, wondering if maybe this was a re-released book that was originally done in the 60's or something. I mean Maddie's dialogue wasn't as bad, but Chases'? OMG he sounded like a teenager back in the 50's or something. Saying things like "Honey why don't you get in the car dear." this is not an accurate quote, but rather a take of it from my memory. Which left me wondering was this 18 year old Chase actually a 60 year old grandfather? When I found out that the book was released, for the first time, in 2010 I decided to chalk it up to maybe the writer just hasn't spent much time around teens in this decade. But the story, and it's originality with the Gryphons, was good enough to outweigh my issues with the dialogue. As I'm sure you can tell since I gave it 4 stars;)

Overall I say pick this book up and dive into a world with half eagle/half lion creatures, and get to know just how hot a gryphon can be. lol *winks*
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10/24/2011 page 19 "Can you believe this? The movers packed my dishes with the twins underclothes! This is the biggest mess I've ever seen. " Lol I feel ya sister. Been there. Done that. Have the broken nightstand and the missing measuring cups to prove it! Word of advice...always pack your own stuff."
10/25/2011 page 114 "So far so good! It's worded a little funny but I like the gryphon myth!"
10/26/2011 page 117 "No dad, listen to me. I know what I'm doing. I'm not giving up me life; I'm gaining a happier, fuller one. " Spoken like a true teenager "I know what I'm doing" AH! no NO YOU DON'T. LOL"
10/26/2011 page 121 "There were two hundred floor tiles, 15 cracks in the wall, twenty five chairs, three small tables, two coke machines, and no people. The ICU waiting room of Coal Creek Community Hospital was a very lonely place to be."
10/26/2011 page 214 "This story is really good! The wording is a little funny at times. Makes me question why the kids talk like they are in the 50's when their not. But I love this gryphon stuff!"
10/26/2011 "Ta da!! All done...review to come mania;)"

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Darkfallen Ummmmm yes please! I'll trade ya for my pumpkin cookies;) or my pumpkin chiffon pie.

Greta is Erikasbuddy Why, Lord have Mercy! That would just be devine!

Darkfallen Greta is Erikasbuddy wrote: "Why, Lord have Mercy! That would just be devine!"


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