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Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix by J.K. Rowling
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Oct 24, 2011

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** spoiler alert ** I do believe this book was too long, too slow, too boring and too annoying. I think this was by far, the worst book in The Harry Potter series.

Too long and slow?
"Harry is picking up his wand. As he bends, he glances sideways and saw a house burning. He felt sad for that family. He glances the other way and sees Cho making out with some guy in Hogwarts. He remembered how she used to blush and how they kissed and how she betrayed him. But in reality, Harry didn't feel anything. As he finally looks up, he sees Voldemort, standing with also his hand holding the unique wand. Harry wonders what its made of and what if its better. Then he looks at him, skin as white as snow, no nose. This now reminds him of Cedric playing Edward in the breaking dawn movie he just watched yesterday. Damn! Bella is hot. Harry goes dreaming but then comes back to reality that he has to face him. Voldemort was looking happy but also afraid. Why afraid? He is the Dark Lord. I am just a very unlucky kid. Then Harry says the spell. Avada kedevra. He remembers Voldemort saying this a year ago. How he regrets hes the boy to be vs him."

Now heres a short simple version.
"Harry picked up his wand, looked at Voldemort and said, Avada Kedevra."

Where was the editor? I could have summed this book to 350-400 pages.
Now can you see why it was so long and slow?

Too annoying and boring?
I really like Harry, but in this book I was so annoyed by him. He whines, hes angry, he shouts and then after realizing that the people hes shouting at are the world to him, he is sorry and then the next day? Repeat.
I would have preferred Ron's POV any day. Ron has:
1) Awesome twin brothers, Fred and George and older brothers too.
2) Nice parents.
3) A hateful brother. (Percy)
4) Prefect badge.
5) Hermione.
6) Quidditch match to play.
7) And a sister who keeps on getting boyfriends.

Harry has:
1) Anger issues.
2) Voldemort.
3) Sirius, the only exceptional character I liked with Harry and now hes dead too.

Many readers here read this series as their first book or soon after watching the movie or soon after started reading books or are just a die hard Harry Potter fan.
But for me? When I was young I was too scared by the sizes of the book so I decided I will read this series after the last movie is released and at that time I would be older too. So after reading hundreds of books about witches, vampire and shape shifters, I just find Harry Potter okay. While people are like, "OMG! HP is the best series ever!" I am like, "HP is just like any other series."
As others I am just reading this book so I could finally read the last book, because readers do say it was epic and also watch the last movie part-two. Overall this book was just fine and I would rate it 3/5 stars.
Just two more books to go! ^_^
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Namerah u seriously haven't added these yet?-___-

Saniya LOL! I just remembered now! :P
And yeah don't forget to bring HP series! :D
Atleast whatever you have :D
I have put the 'where are u 'series in my bag.

Namerah saman has part 4(since 2 and a half WEEKS!!!)-_____-

Saniya -___-

message 5: by Fanny (new)

Fanny yeah..i agree with you.
thought i never finish reading that book it bored me..but well... thats me jajajaja

Saniya Haha, even I am getting a bit bored by this book!

Hina Harry having anger issues makes him human and just like anyone else. If you think about all that he's been through at just the age of 15 or 16. Being the Chosen One, he has so much on his shoulders already and things that he has to do, the whole Wizarding World is relying on him and on top of that he lost Sirius which just adds to his grief and anger.

Saniya I know, I know. But for me this book contained alot of scenes of Harry just being angry, I mean, the author could have focused on many other important things. I am not saying he shouldn't be angry, but a little could have been much okay and the book would have been shorter.

Namerah Hina wrote: "Harry having anger issues makes him human and just like anyone else. If you think about all that he's been through at just the age of 15 or 16. Being the Chosen One, he has so much on his shoulders..."

exactly!and anyone wud be pissed if they didnt kno the reason why there parents were killed and why evryone wants to kill them,saniya-__-.

Saniya Tou us ko har para mein mention kerni ki koi zaroorat nahi thi -____- Thats what I am trying to say.

Namerah Saniya wrote: "Tou us ko har para mein mention kerni ki koi zaroorat nahi thi -____- Thats what I am trying to say."
true,thore aur jokes ho sakte the:]

Saniya OMG! I just read the next book and it was AWESOME! ^_^ <3

Brooke Finally, someone says what I was thinking! HP is just like any other series.

Michelle Hi, just stumbled upon your review. I get your point, most of them.

But I think, it would be more credible if you used actual "long and slow" passages from the book as an example, then shorten it the way you see fit rather than making up an entire paragraph of your own. It would be more effective for us to see how much Rowling's writing must improve. :)

Saniya Actually, I borrowed this book from the library and I wrote this review after I returned it. So I couldn't do it. Otherwise I would have surely done it to prove my point :)

Brooklyn Johnson Wow people agreed with this person! Just because its long doesn't mean it's boring. And the only reason Harry has anger problems is because he is a horcrux............. OF VOLDEMORT!!!!!!!!And if you've read the whole series you'd know that Voldemort has anger problems

Saniya Yeah because there are some people who are not hardcore Potter fans, like me. Well this book was particularly boring for me and also we come to know about that point later. Its not a crime to not like a book and Harry Potter gets better in the end. I respect your opinion and you should do the same.

message 18: by [deleted user] (new)

i agree

Daniel No! You spoiled the book!? WHY!? Why was there no spoiler warning!? Why did you write Sirius Black dies!?

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