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Breathe by Abbi Glines
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Oct 24, 2011

it was ok
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This book is completely ridiculous. I don't mind some amount of cheesiness, a lot of YA books have some bits, but here I wasn't sure whether to cry or laugh out loud, every page was drooling with lovesick babbling. The characters, the setting, the way they talk, none of that felt REAL for a single second.

It was light reading, there weren't any particularly boring passages but it lacked any truth in it. I know that when you read fantasy there is the supernatural element that doesn't make it real as well, but underneath the surface is supposed to be "some deeper message or thought" usually slightly pushed away by the romantic plot and whatever. But in contemporary fiction where there is no fantasy background to distract you there should be more focus on the characters and you should take something out of the story. Literature is there to entertain, but also to educate or give you some sort of advice that you can take with you and even apply in a situation you might be in now or one day. Breathe was only telling you a fairytale of a Hollywood teenage film. Sweet Cinderella-ish girl is rewarded for her harsh life by meeting the prince charming, who is there to rescue her.

I quite enjoyed The Vincent Boys, Glines's other book that she wrote after this one, but this one was disappointing.
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34.0% "Mám pocit, že autorka nejspíš už nějakou chvilku nebyla ve společnosti teen, pokud si myslí, že se chovají tak, jak to popisuje...The Vincent Boys mi rozhodně nepřipadali tak cheesy, chjo mě se teď žádná knížka nelíbí...."
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Melody I agree whole heartedly, I, too, enjoyed the Vincent boys, reason why I wanted to try this book. Wish I hadn't it, it was such a waste and disappoint for me as well.

NanceesLittleLibrary I could not agree more !!! This book was just so fake in terms of modern day romance, if was difficult for me to finish. I found myself saying "as if that would happen?" and "why would they say that?" quite often while reading this book. I have read 'the vincent boys' and 'the vincent brothers' also and i loved them, but this book i found disappointed me.

Tanima Bag My thoughts exactly. For not even a second I could believe Jax falling for her and deciding to stay with her that easily. Well, whatever. But WHAT in the hell was Marcus(a tycoon's son apparently) doing working as a maid service for Jax's family. Why. There is nothing more annoying than a plot line that's unbelievable. Or when the author looks down on the reader's IQ level.

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Migs Fiel I couldn't agree more to this so okay, I'll try reading the The Vincent Boys series.

Laura  MG You just nailed it

Catarina Silva i agree, i've read the vincent boys and it was enjoyable, but this one is just.... no. and i have also read the Fallen too far series, and it is not better than this one...

Milo Molinari I totally agree

Hope Russell I totally agree. And they spoke way to old school for kids who were so ridiculous and naive. don't get me started on the instalove to the extreme.

Sophie I am only about seven chapters in and I think I might just give up on this one! I am cringing at everything Sadie and jax do or say; and honestly probably the most disappointing part of the book (besides the rubbish dialog) is the fact that she's "in love" with him after TWO WEEKS!! And there's absolutely no build up to their romance, which happens to be my favourite bit! Pretty sure I read the Vincent boys ages ago and thought it was pretty good... I'm not sure what happened here!

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