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This Is Herman Cain! by Herman Cain
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Oct 29, 11

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Read from October 24 to 28, 2011

What an amazing contrast this book is to other books that have been "written" by political candidiates. I put the word written in quotes because it's pretty obvious that while other political candidates who have written books have had input and final approval on what goes into their book, their books are almost certainly written by an editor. Not so with "This is Herman Cain!" This book sounds like Cain wrote it all by himself. Furthermore, it sounds like he wrote his book by borrowing heavily from various speeches he's given in the past and filling in the blanks to connect the dots. From a literary perspective, this book rates about a '1' -- Cain is not a writer by any means -- but from a candor and honesty perspective, it's a '5'. Hence, I'm rating this book overall as a '3'.

At this time, when I'm writing this review (October 29, 2011), Cain is leading in the national polls, but the other Republican candidates (with the possible exception of Gingrich) are not taking him seriously as a candidate. Cain clearly does not fit the mold of a traditional Republican candidate, and therefore, many pundits are claiming that Cain is only using the Republican primary as a way to promote his book. Well, after reading the book, you realize how ridiculous that is. "This is Herman Cain!" is not a book in as much as it is an extended resume on someone who is applying for a job. The book attempts to succinctly encapsulate what Herman Cain is about, from a professional, theological and political standpoint. Cain tends to treat himself as a product he's pitching, describing himself in terms of what this presidential candidate offers and doesn't offer. And no, this product is delivered "as is", you can't customize it. Take it or leave it.

I find this approach almost embarrassing (can a politcal candidate really do that and get away with it?) to being a delightful contrast to the waxing philosophical and lyrical prose that I found in the last political candidate's book I read, Obama's "The Audacity of Hope". In the review I wrote on Obama's book, I described the book like a Mudslide (the alcoholic drink) -- it goes down awfully smooth and leaves you with a slightly intoxicated feeling. By contrast, Herman's book is like a shot of whiskey: it's fast, straight up and get's the job done. No embellishments, no garnishments, no colorful umbrellas propped up on the side.
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