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Heir Presumptive by Henry Wade
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May 21, 2008

did not like it
bookshelves: historical
Read in May, 2008

Follows a rather unpleasant fellow through 1930s Britain as he tries to off the family members between him and a lordship. The murders aren't clever, and the dialog and people are neither interesting nor insightful. Not worth it.

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Esdaile Your reaction is incomprehenisble to me. This is one of the most "insightful" crime novels that I have ever read in my life.

Wealhtheow Unfortunately I don't even remember reading this book, so I can't explain my point of view. Your review certainly makes it sound wonderful however--I wish I'd had that reaction to this novel. I'd much rather enjoy a book than hate it!

Esdaile I agree with you on that entirely and one thing which I have discovered using Goodreads is that one tends to forget to a positively frightening extent, much of what one has read. There are many books which I have read of the contents of which I can remember almost nothing or absolutely nothing. Nevertheless, surely you remember reading the book otherwise you could not comment on it at all, or do you mean that you made your comments while you remembered the book and now cannot remember it? What crime writers do you admire?

Wealhtheow I generally review books right after I read them, when impressions are fresh in my mind--I'm sure that was the case here. Like you said, it's astonishing how often books I read nowadays vanish from my mind. Although, weirdly enough, I still remember whole sections of books I read as a child/teen almost word-for-word. Maybe we're running out of space in our brains?

In terms of crime preferences, my favorites are all because of the main character, not the plot. Which is not to say that plot is immaterial to me--I love when I don't guess the solution until it's revealed, but then I can see all the clues and hints leading up to it. But my favorite mystery/crime novelists are those whose characters have striking personalities and depth, like Josephine Tey, Arthur Conan Doyle, or Dorothy Sayers.

If I'm looking primarily for characters, not twisty plots, can you think of any writers I should check out?

Esdaile I have to admit that I cannot, ah wait a minute yes there is that charcater police officer in Venice and the mysteries have striking charcaters and of course I cannot remember the name of the writer! I do not even know if they have been translated into English but I expect they have. The stories are written by a German who lived many years in Venice and the setting is always Venice. I may have a book by this person lurking somehwere or if I come across or think of the name again I promise I shall let you know.

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