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Kamikaze Girls by Novala Takemoto
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Mar 25, 12

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This is a review on the manga. Since this story has 3 different versions, a novel, a manga and a movie book (?)

there is one other book by this name, by Stefan Gesell? But it is a totally different story

I first heard about this story online. On a movie site called 'Flixster'. I really like Lolita fashion and also I love old fashioned French fashion, I think it is really pretty. So I had a look to check out the book. Decided on the manga. The front cover Was really attractive to me

The manga is split up into 4 stories. The main kamikaze girls story, a short sequel to that and 2 stories not about the Kamikaze girls, hut about a young girl who wants to feel like an adult and starts dating and living with a married man. Plus a small extract at the back about the novel version of this book. All the art in this manga is done by one person entirely. The two kamikaze girls stories are just written by the author. The two other stories are by the illustrator. The illustrater done everything in this manga, apart from the Kamikaze story (they turned it into art, which I just explained). Hope that makes sense!

I got the book in November last year. But decided on taking a read finally now. It is ok I guess. I liked the art. But I just couldn't really follow it. Remembering all the characters names I found quite difficult being Japanese and all the guys looked the same to me. The masculine main girl character (not Momoko) looked too much like a man I got her confused with male characters. She has no eyelashes, so it got confusing. I also had no attachment to any characters. Momoko is completely...strange. She is so obsessed with Lolita fashion! And I found her quite selfish at times. It is not known how she pays for the fashion in the manga, But I believe it is explained in the novel she steals off her parents. In one point of the manga, I think she says she has never bought from 'baby the stars shine bright', but it seems like she does. The story is very hard to follow in my opinion. It is also gets a little violent in one point and one particular scene creeped me out. People who have read this manga might know what I mean. (blooding dripping side of lip scene!!! Argh!!). Eventually Momoko and the other lead character become pretty close and Momoko learns to be less selfish. But i was still very disappointed in this story. I might pick up the novel and see if I can follow, like and understand it better. The sequel story to the main I sort of enjoyed more. But I still didn't like it too much.

The final two stories...well. Completely random ones. They have nothing to do with the 'Kamikaze Girl's story. The manga back cover and front mentions nothing of them at all too! Strange!

The story is called 'Pinky Ring Princess'
It is about this girl, who meets a married man and wants to be treated like an adult. She is tired of being called 'cute' etc. Somehow he agrees and they sleep together (ew!! She is so young and he is married!) and he gives her a pinky ring. In the second story they finally 'do it' for real and it seems like at the end he falls for her. I don't really understand what went on in the story. I felt it moved really fast. I don't even know what went on too much. That is why I'm not too huge on manga. The Japanese names and remembering them, following stories...really difficult for me. The only manga I have been able to understand pretty well and enjoy thoroughly is 'stepping on roses'. It is less complicated with how it is set up.

3 stars. 3 because it wasn't an awful story and had pretty art. Just not my cup of tea

I might check out the novel. Depends. But then again, the art is practically the only reason I kept reading this manga! So I don't know. I don't know much about the other version of this story. Pictures of the movie and Japanese writing? Something like that?

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