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Eve by Anna Carey
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Before reading this review, please remember that this is my opinion on Eve by Anne Carey, and I respect any different review. If you, in any case, do enjoy this book, you may not like this.

This book is set in a near future. 30 years from now, a deadly plague seized the life of 99% of the world population. Teen girls where schooled into believing that after 12 years of education, they would graduate and join the society as professional and well-educated women. Eve, our sweet protagonist, was the best of these girls, but when she discovered that she was fed with lies her entire life, that women were to sent to bear children for men and nothing else, she escaped from her school into the wild. She met Caleb, her love interest, who helped her with her new life as a revolutionary.

"Eve has proven one of the best and brightest students we've seen at School. So beautiful, so smart, so obedient."

Yeah, you forgot to mention how weak and flat she was.

Eve reminded me of Sasha from The Mephisto Covenent, only Sasha was better for she was actually capable of ‘negative’ feelings. She was more 'Anabo' than Sasha and about ten times more dull than that freaking damsel in distress in that horrible book. At one point of the book Eve was deemed by the only somewhat ‘likable’ character as ‘book-smart’, which was the truest statement in these long 300 pages.

The pacing was slow and filtrated with some completely redundant sub-plots. I don't care how she was sexually assaulted when it only made me dislike her more if that's possible. I don't care how she was afraid to swim when it only drag this book longer than it should. I don't care how she made a friend that died after 12 hours when she was so annoying and stupid. (view spoiler)

Thanks to the Hunger Games, I read a lot of dystopian novels these past months, so the plot was unoriginal and slow to me. Carey could have use her fear for men more as it had so much potential and could complicate the book.

I am so sick of bad dystopian novels getting published just becuase it was on the tip of everyone's tongue. Sadly, this is not the end of the gush of torturing trilogies.

1 vaccines out of 5. Nothing about this book grabbed my attention. I'm quite surprised by my patience.
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